New for 2024: Bond Arms Cyclops Thumper Derringer

This is one cyclops that no bad guy wants to look in its single massive "eye" ...

posted on February 5, 2024

Remember The Odyssey? In an epic poem stuffed to the brim with fantastic characters, Polyphemus the Cyclops stands five cubits above the rest. This year, Bond Arms is offering its Cyclops Thumper, a single-shot derringer that the company is selling in two Cyclopean chamberings: .44 Mag. and .50 AE. (This, we imagine, is where Bond Arms got the "Thumper" part of this gun's name.)

The Cyclops features a 4.2" barrel and an overall length of 6.75", which is considerably longer than you'll see with most derringers. It also weighs 28 oz. courtesy of its stainless-steel frame, which is also on the heavy side for this class of firearm. That said, the additional heft and weight of the gun will consume some of the recoil energy generated by these hard-hitting calibers.

In this great video from POP Gunner via our friends at American Hunter, you'll get to see the Cyclops doing its Thump. Odysseus would be proud (and maybe a little intimidated)! MSRP $649-$847, depending upon model chosen;



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