New for 2024: Tokarev TTF Titan Shotgun

New for 2024 is the most inexpensive gas-operated shotgun we've seen yet!

posted on January 19, 2024
Tokarev Ttf Titan Lede

We usually end our new-product articles with the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), but we're making an exception for the Tokarev TTF Titan, because that's what caught our eye first: $199. Yes, new for 2024 is the most inexpensive gas gun we've seen yet ... and we're excited to take it for a spin.

This semi-automatic, gas-operated 12-gauge shotgun is, as you'd expect, a fairly bare-bones offering with black polymer furniture and a black anodized aluminum barrel. It comes with a fixed cylinder-bore choke.

That said, Tokarev has ensured that the end user can add gadgets and devices to the gun as they go with a dovetail-railed receiver that's drilled and tapped for aftermarket sights and rails. (A white dot front side comes standard on the TTF Titan.) It's compatible with the Mossberg 500/590 stock, so aftermarket customization will be simple. 

The TTF Titan is a versatile shotgun--they all are--but the initial offering seems more geared to home defense than other applications. With an 18½” barrel, an overall length of 38" and a total unloaded weight of 6.1 lbs., this shotgun promises to be maneuverable in small spaces. A four-plus-one ammunition capacity of 3" shells rounds out its defensive capabilities. MSRP $199--which means you'll likely be able to find it for less at dealers.




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