Katie Pavlich: Rising Star

posted on March 29, 2017

You may have seen Katie Pavlich recently, pitching the first question at a White House press conference as a member of the working press corps. Or, you may remember seeing her on Fox News, on “The Five,” or as a guest commentator on a variety of shows there. Pavlich is one of the country’s rising stars in journalism, and writes for online news magazines “Townhall” and “The Hill.” She has authored two books: “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up” and “Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women.” She also is a proud member of the NRA. Find out more about Katie Pavlich below.

NRA Family: When people ask you what you do, what do you say? Elevator speech length.

Katie Pavlich: Wearing a variety of media hats, I cover the daily political happenings of Washington, D.C.

NRA Family: We’ve read how your dad was influential in your development in hunting and shooting. Can you walk that back for us and give us a chronological approach to how you were raised with guns in the home?

Katie Pavlich: My dad played an instrumental role in teaching me a vital respect for firearms at a young age. He bought me my very own rifle for my tenth birthday and had “Katie P.” embroidered on the sling. The next fall I was old enough to go hunting for the first time in my home state of Arizona, and I’ve been hunting with my dad ever since. Once I got to college, my thinking about firearms ownership shifted from hunting to self-defense and advocacy for the Second Amendment.

NRA Family: Living in Washington, D.C., area … that must be a major challenge. What are your frustrations with living in such a restricted area? Do you see any changes coming to D.C. with this new administration in regards to firearms?

Katie Pavlich: It’s definitely a huge challenge. In Virginia, what I call the “freedom side of the river,” the gun laws are favorable to concealed carry and self-defense. Unfortunately, once you cross a bridge into Washington, D.C., which only takes two minutes, you’re a criminal for exercising basic Second Amendment rights. In Maryland, which is also a short drive away, it’s the same story. It’s nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit in D.C. or Maryland. With the borders being so close, one wrong turn and you can be in a whole lot of trouble.

With the new majority, I hope the Senate will finally pass national reciprocity and get it to the President’s desk. It’s long past due and a patchwork of different gun laws unfairly gives good people a criminal record they don’t deserve.

NRA Family: Have you noticed a shift in thinking among young women regarding firearms?

Katie Pavlich: Absolutely. I can’t tell you the number of times women who didn’t grow up with firearms ask me to take them to the range or for advice about how to get started with their first handgun. Women don’t want to be victims and they seek empowerment. Firearms offer them an equalizer and a way to take care of themselves in a way nobody else can.

NRA Family: You’re on Volquartsen’s team as an ambassador? What does the future hold there?

Katie Pavlich: Being able to be part of the Volquartsen brand has been such an honor and so much fun. They’re a family-owned business from Iowa and you can tell they take pride in the firearms they build. As someone who grew up in a small business family, I respect their work. For the future, I’ve asked for a holster so I can get out and compete with my Scorpion once the weather gets better.

NRA Family: We know you like to train and value it. What’s next for you in the training world, and what have you accomplished so far?

Katie Pavlich: I’ve been fortunate to complete over 100 hours of training at Gunsite Academy and am always trying to find the time to get back for more. Training is not only the responsible thing to do as a gun owner, but also, it’s incredibly rewarding. As far as what’s next, I’d like to take an active shooter and terrorism course.

NRA Family: Is there a particular discipline that you’d like to learn to shoot? 3-Gun, Cowboy Action, Silhouette?

Katie Pavlich: I did a 3-gun shoot a few years back and would love to do another one. Cowboy would be a blast too.

NRA Family: Do you aspire to hunt somewhere exotic, and if so, for what?

Katie Pavlich: My dream is to shoot a mega-crocodile in Africa so I can make boots and a matching purse.

NRA Family: Would you hang a trophy in your office?

Katie Pavlich: I went on a hunt in December with my dad and am getting my whitetail back soon. I think I’d rather have it in the house though. 

NRA Family: If a young lady tells you “I want to be just like you,” what do you advise?

Katie Pavlich: Work hard, stay humble and remember to help those who deserve it once you earn some success.

NRA Family: It was quite an honor to ask the first question at the White House presser recently, wasn’t it? And to be from “Town Hall,” a conservative news outlet, as well! Did you know in advance that you’d get the first question? Is the tide changing for conservative news in this administration?

Katie Pavlich: I was pleasantly surprised. It was an honor and a very proud moment in my career so far. “Townhall” has been very good to me and I was glad our outlet could be represented in such a big way. Press Secretary Sean Spicer sees the importance of shaking up the briefing room and the value in expanding reporting beyond the typical mainstream media monopoly.

NRA Family: The NRA. Anything you want to say about it?

Katie Pavlich: Proud Lifetime member.  

Lead image by Alex Lundeen. Profile image courtesy Townhall.

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