First Impressions: Prois' Women's Torai Midweight Hunting Togs

posted on September 12, 2018

For the last 10 years, Prois has been providing well-made, top-of-the-line hunting clothing designed for women who hunt...but they refuse to rest on their laurels. Their recent introduction of their new Torai Midweight hunting clothing is yet another example of Prois' commitment to providing the best performance gear to both experienced and new female hunters. Even better news is that it's being offered in this season's most sought-after camo pattern, called Cumbre. 

Although the line's and camouflage's names might a bit tongue-twisterish, the meanings are clear. The name Torai, for example, is Gaelic for “hunter.” You'll note that the name is gender-neutral, and that's because this line is packed with all of the features that male hunters have long since come to demand from their performance hunting gear: the highest grade materials and premier design elements. This clothing line, which includesw a midweight jacket, pants, beanie and gloves, is as warm and non-inhibitive as possible for the athletic huntresst. Face-engineered with 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex for a combination of durability and flexibility, the jacket and pants are windproof and water-resistant. Boasting 4-way stretch fabric, the line shelters you from the cold while remaining breathable.

As with all women's hunting clothing from Prois, the real difference for ladies who hunt is in the fit. Created to fit a woman’s body, the waistband sits at a natural waist and has additional room through the rear, hips and thighs for a comfortable wear. For an even better fit, a hidden elastic adjustable waistband allow the pants work on virtually any body type. Articulated and reinforced knees ensure countless seasons of durability and a side boot zip makes for ease of use with your footwear.The Torai Midweight line features an athletic yet roomy cut to accommodate layering and mobility. The arms of the Torai Midweight Jacket are lined with polyester rip-stop for easy layering. Articulated elbows make for an ergonomically correct fit, and lycra interior cuffs keep movement noise to a minimum. Deep hand and chest pockets allow for storage of gear and accessories. The jacket also has strategically located zippers in the under arms for ventilation. The Torai Midweight Pants are kept streamlined with microfleece lining which provides for warmth without added bulk. Handy deep-set pockets are great for extra shells or other gear. 

The Torai Midweight line features the sought after Cumbre camo pattern. The Próis team worked closely with Veil Camo to develop the pattern, which contains both macro disruption and textural disruption strategies that come together in one of the most aggressive, high functioning and visually distinctive patterns available. Mirroring elements from a diverse western landscape, the colorations provide excellent concealment in all regions. The color palette is a careful combination of tones pulled directly from the field and used in a calculated fashion to ensure maximum performance. The blends of browns, grays, greens and tans are carefully synchronized to create disruption that works in open space as well as deep timber making it the ideal camouflage for staunch female hunters that demand only the highest level of performance from their concealment strategy.

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