Family Day With Honored American Veterans Afield

HAVA's 13th annual Family Day honored our cherished veterans and supported their families. See you next year!

posted on November 10, 2022
Hava Rogue River
HAVA also hosts amazing outdoor adventures, like this whitewater rafting trip!

For the last 13 years, Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) has held an event it calls National Family Day, an effort from the outdoor industry to support veterans and their families for their sacrifice. This year's event, held at the San Antonio Police Training Academy, was a smashing success once more, with 110 participants.

What's Family Day like? It's a little different each year, but the 2022 event saw families enjoying a day on the range with firearms from leading manufacturers, cowboy action shooting, archery and axe throwing. Attendees were treated to live entertainment, food and prizes including stuffed back packs (for all), numerous guns, optics and other high-end raffle items.

These honored disabled veterans also enjoyed a shooting demonstration by Lena Miculek (8-time world champion in 5 shooting disciplines) and heard from Jack Wilson (who is known for his heroic actions during a Texas church shooting in 2019).

HAVA National Family Day offers a welcoming environment for all participants including children who get to have fun with bounce houses, games and multiple activities, including toy raffles. All kids go home with a gift. HAVA provides childcare for young children so that the participants and their spouses can enjoy the event.

One of the veteran attendees said, “I suffer from severe PTSD, and can’t drive a car so I had to ride my bike to the event. When I checked in, I was depressed, anxious and unhappy. Attending the HAVA event was better therapy for me than anything I’ve tried. This event puts a big smile on face and that is very rare for me.”  This is the mission of HAVA as it strives to be a positive impact on veterans’ lives. Want to learn more? Visit Honored American Veterans Afield for upcoming events, hunts and ways you can participate!



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