Chris Brackett Shows Off His Skills

posted on February 9, 2016

Archery Trick Shooting in the small arena at the Great American Outdoor Show featured the skillful Chris Brackett from the award-winning Outdoor Channel show Fear No Evil. His popularity from the show, as well as his renowned skills, drew in a large audience. Parents, kids, adults and teens were ready to be entertained by hard to believe archery skills, such as hitting a lifesaver, the candy, from 20 feet away.

Bracket stepped out into the small arena to the sound of applause and cheer. “Thank you. Thank you all for coming out,” Brackett said.  “I have to say this isn’t really trick shooting. I’m just here to shoot arrows, have fun, inspire and entertain!” With that, the crowd cheered, he readied his bow and hit the first launched clay target dead center.

“Crank that music!” Brackett demanded while more clay targets were flying at different heights and speeds. The only thing they all had in common was an arrow in their bullseye.

As the crew started to set up the new backdrop and prepare the next round of targets, Brackett requested the assistance of two volunteers. The lucky two? Savannah, a birthday girl, and a little three-year-old boy, Colton. “This is his first Great American Show!” Colton’s mom told me as he danced in the middle of the small arena. The helpers were there to hand Brackett his arrows.

This time, Brackett was aiming at targets, but from behind his head. At first he kept missing the flying targets, but turned towards the crowd, said, “You can’t give up,” and continued on shooting. With the help of “yee-haws” and “booyahs” from Brackett began hitting one target after another.

His aim became even more amazing when he went from plate-sized clay targets, to whiffle balls, to ping-pong balls and eventually to hitting a lifesaver from behind his head.

The entire time the crowd would cheer when Brackett hit a target, missed a target or danced a little to Sweet Child O’ Mine. This was time well spent at the Great American Outdoor Show.



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