New for 2024: CenterPoint Sinister 430 Crossbow

CenterPoint's new flagship crossbow boosts accessibility for archers of all strengths and abilities!

posted on January 10, 2024

CenterPoint is arrowing its way into 2024 with its new flagship model, the Sinister 430. Never mind the name; this crossbow is nothing but wholesome (unless you are a deer). Designed with versatility in mind, this launch introduces enhanced features to CenterPoint’s line of crossbows to elevate the overall experience for the hunter.

The Sinister 430 introduces CenterPoint’s first fully integrated silent crank system, equipped with an auto-retracting sled, to create a worry-free cable management design and allow for seamless cocking. Prioritizing user experience and adaptability, the Sinister 430 features an adjustable bullpup-style stock and an upgraded 1.5-5x32mm speed-ring scope. Compact and maneuverable at 8.6 pounds and 9 inches when cocked, this crossbow is the perfect companion for use in stands, blinds or saddles.

With a robust 225-lb. draw weight and a 14 5/8" power stroke, this upgraded model offers an impressive speed of 430 feet per second (fps) with a 400-grain bolt. These technological additions have been specifically developed to ensure every user can achieve precise and effective shots consistently, hitting the target with confidence.

The Sinister 430 features a dual-illuminating reticle on its included 1.5-5X32mm speed-ring scope. It also comes complete with three carbon arrows and a quiver.

"CenterPoint takes pride in offering superior quality and best-in-class features that are accessible to all crossbow shooters,” said Russ Rowan, Chief Brand Officer at Center Point Archery. “The Sinister 430 demonstrates our commitment to excellence, ensuring every archer can access premium performance without compromise.” MSRP $799.99;





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