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How Do Guns Work? Part 1

The "nuts and bolts" of the cycle of operation.

Is It Safe to Dry-Fire Your Gun?

Long answer, "yes" with a "but." Read on for more!

Traveling With a Handgun

With more people than ever carrying concealed and greater reciprocity of permit recognition between states,...

Buying Guns From Pawn Shops

So a man goes into a pawnshop …

Start an NRA Club or Range

Getting guidelines and funding is easier than you'd think.

How to Orient Your AR-15 Trigger

How an elephant and a grasshopper can keep your AR-15 trigger orientation correct.

Hunting Safety: "Buddy System"

Translating a military strategy into hunting success.

Range Safety & Etiquette, Part II

The second half of our two-part series.

Should You Get Involved When a Stranger is Attacked?

Wanting to help is basic human nature, but getting involved without knowing all the facts...

New Year's Resolution: a Defense Plan for the Whole Family

Get the whole family involved—including the kids—in planning for any contingency.

Self-Defense for Women: Being All Ears

A simple tip to increase your situational awareness.

Basic Home Protection

You know you must rely on yourself to protect your family from a home invasion,...

Video: Shooting Pistols With Red-Dot Optics

We look at the pros, cons and how-tos of pistol-mounted red-dot optics

How to Find a Hunting Guide

Finding a guide isn't nuclear physics, but as with anything you're doing for the first...
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