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How To Create Your Ideal Safari

Here are the things to consider and the questions to ask.

How to Cook Frozen Game Meat

It's been in your freezer for who knows how long...here's how to prepare that mystery...

How to Handle Squib Loads and Hangfires

The gun went bang...sort of. You know something's not right, and you know you need...

This Rattle's Not For Babies

There aren't many noises in the world that can make your blood run cold quite...

Again With the Front Sight!

Yes, we keep harping on it. Here's the simple science behind why.

Gun Safety: The Road to Responsibility

Firearms safety is for the whole family.

Firearms Career: Gunsmith

How do you become a gunsmith? Read on to find out!

Planting Food Plots: How-To

A beginner's guide to food plots.

6 Things I Learned About Turkey Hunting

It's very easy. It's incredibly hard. And it's a lot of fun.

Self-Defense For Women: Listen To Your Instincts

Learning to pay attention to your hunches is part of cultivating "Condition Yellow."

Video: Self-Defense at Zero Distance

They say that most self-defense situations happen at 7 yards...what about if it happens at...

Collecting Firearms: NRA Antique Condition Descriptions

Interested in becoming a gun collector? Here are some basics.

Smaller-Gauge Shotguns For Home Defense?

Do you have to have a 12-gauge? We look at the facts.

Build Your Own AR-15

The modern sporting rifle is this century's answer to the kit gun.
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