Video: How Remington Shotshells Are Made

Unlike sausage, you absolutely do want to know what goes into your shotshells!

posted on March 30, 2024

They say that "you don't want to know how the sausage is made, you just want to know how it tastes." That saying comes from the fact that the process of sausage making is ... well, you don't necessarily want to know, especially if you're eating one. Unlike sausage, the process of creating a shotshell is both fascinating and appetite-friendly. From a concept created by ballistic experts to the moment your scattergun speaks its monosyllabic piece, that shotshell travels a road that's much longer than the 22 inches of barrel and 50 yards of range. Remington Ammunition is at the forefront of shotshell innovation, and its proud engineers gave us exclusive access to the inner workings of its manufacturing process. Check out this terrific video from our friends at American Rifleman to learn all about how the sausage ... erm, shotshell ... is made!


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