Video Review: Taurus Model 327 CCW Revolver

Chambered in an effective but oft-overlooked caliber, this new deep-concealment revolver gets a range workout.

posted on June 10, 2022

With the release of its new Model 327 revolver, Taurus answers a number of questions critical to new gun owners and citizens who concealed carry. Small, short-barreled revolvers like the Model 327 have always been a solid choice for CCW, but many folks find the recoil from defensive calibers to be punishing. It's a trade-off: The larger and heavier the revolver, the less felt recoil ... but the tougher it is to conceal properly. The Model 327 pushes the scales of that trade-off by chambering a caliber you may not have heard of, .327 Federal Magnum.

What's interesting about that caliber is that it produces power levels close to the more-famous .357 round, but it's narrow enough that Taurus engineers were able to get one more round into the revolver's cylinder. Furthermore, the Model 327 will also chamber the much softer-shooting .32 H&R Magnum and the .32 Smith & Wesson calibers. 

This double-action/single-action wheelgun features a soft rubber grip for further recoil reduction, and a weight of 22 ounces unloaded. Those few extra ounces, courtesy of a frame, barrel and cylinder crafted of stainless steel, strike a compromise between concealability and enough heft to eat up a little more recoil before it gets to the shooter's hand. With its 2" barrel, it has an overall length of 6.55" (although Taurus does offer its 327 with a 3" barrel, too).

Check out this terrific NRA Gun of the Week review of the Taurus Model 327, courtesy of our friends at American Rifleman! For more information on the Model 327, visit


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