Video Review: Savage B17 Rifle

posted on May 29, 2017
Savage Arms has long been known as purveyors of high-quality rifles at incredibly reasonable prices, and their new B series continues the tradition in style. As American Rifleman's Chris Olsen demonstrates in this video, the bolt-action Savage B17 FV is a rimfire plinker that will spoil you for pretty much any other offering in this price range. Featuring Savage's crisp, clean AccuTrigger, a button-rifled steel heavy contour barrel and racy but ergonomic styling, this .17 HMR is suitable for target shooting, pest control, varminting and more. Prairie-dog hunters in particular will relish this rifle's tack-driving accuracy at ranges of 200 to 300 yards. And the price? Just $329. Watch our video for more information!


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