Video Review: Savage Arms 1911

Its blueprint may be over a century old, but the Savage 1911 is back to the future!

posted on October 4, 2023

The Savage Arms 1911 was initially developed at the same time as Colt's model, and for the same reason: To obtain the U.S. Army contract for new semi-automatic handguns in the early 20th Century. Savage lost that bid (by a nose) to Colt, and over time the company shifted its focus to long guns.

Thing is, the 1911 is a classic design that's every bit as useful and beloved today as it was in the year 1911, so when Savage re-entered the handgun market with its polymer Stance pistol, it was only natural that the next step was to revive the 1911. The Savage Arms 1911 is a Government-size gun built with a 416 stainless-steel frame and slide and can be had with either a bare-stainless finish or a black-Nitride surface treatment.

In this video, our American Rifleman testers put the Savage 1911 to the test. "The attention to detail Savage Arms put in the production of its 1911 is evident on the range," they noted, "as this gun ran like a top. It’s clear the company paid attention to the fine line between too tight and just right, as the slide ran like butter on the frame."

"One nod to reliability we appreciated was the lowered and flared ejection port, which provided plenty of clearance for our spent cases," continued our testers. "The crisp trigger broke just under 4 lbs., which was perfect for a pleasant range trip, and our downrange results showed that this Savage is every bit the capable shooter."

Find out why the Savage Arms 1911 is the NRA Gun of the Week! MSRP $1,399-$1,499, depending on model chosen;


Action Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic, centerfire pistol

Chambering: .45 ACP

Frame: forged 416 stainless steel; matte-silver finish

Slide: forged 416 stainless steel; matte-black nitride finish

Barrel: 5" stainless steel, Nitride treated

Magazine: eight-round detachable box

Sights: tritium; Night Fision front, drift-adjustable Novak Lo-Mount rear

Stocks: black/gray G10 composite

Trigger: single-action; 3-lb., 13-oz. pull

Overall Length: 8.45"

Height: 5.63"

Width: 1.31"

Weight: 40.9 ozs.


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