Top 10 Spring Gear Must-Haves For Outdoors Families

posted on March 4, 2019

The arrival of spring brings longer days and warmer temperatures, and it’s a great time for you and your family to be outside. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, spending an afternoon hiking, escaping work for a few hours to go hit the range, or you’re already preparing for next fall’s whitetail season, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy this spring and help you shake off the winter blues. Here’s a list of the best gear items to help you and your family get out, get active, and enjoy the warmer weather. 

1. Camp Chef VersaTop Grill:

Nothing declares the arrival of spring like outdoor cooking, and no company offers a wider variety of outdoor cooking equipment than Camp Chef. The company’s new VersaTop Grill is portable (weight is just 24 pounds), making it perfect for camping trips or weekend adventures at the lake. The 247-inch flat top griddle is pre-seasoned and features a non-stick cooking surface, and the 15,000 BTU/hour burner runs on a single 1-pound propane tank. In addition, 14-inch Camp Chef accessories like the Grill Box and Artisan Outdoor Oven will fit on the VersaTop, making this a must-have item for every outdoor family. MSRP: $164.99. 

2. Revision Caller Sunglasses:

Revision’s new Caller glasses are optimized to provide the best clarity when you’re on the water, thanks to their polarized lenses and Revision’s patented OcuMax AF coatings. OcuMax AF coatings provide excellent abrasion resistance and reduce fogging, ensuring that you’ll always have a clear view of your surroundings. The wraparound design is extremely comfortable, and the full-size lenses offer maximum protection from UV light. In addition, these glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 high-impact testing standards, so they’re also great for the shooting range. $279.00. 

3. ALPS King Kong Chair:

With an incredible 800-pound weight capacity, the King Kong certainly lives up to its name, yet this chair weighs just 13 pounds and folds up to fit neatly behind vehicle seats. The King Kong’s impressive capacity figures are possible thanks to the powder-coated steel frame, but despite its heavy-duty design this chair is extremely comfortable thanks to the use of rip-resistant 600D polyester on the seat and back. Dual drink holders and pocket pouches come standard, and buyers can choose from either Realtree Edge or Mossy Oak Bottomland camo patterns. $60.  

4. Gear Keeper Retractable Smart Phone Keeper:

As much as we may not like to admit it, smart phones have crept into every aspect of our lives—even our outdoor time. But there are lots of legitimate reasons to carry a smart phone in the woods or on the water, whether that’s to track your movements with GPS technology, identify an animal track, taking a picture of the largemouth bass you just landed or, in the worst situations, to call for help during an emergency. Gear Keeper’s Retractable Smart Phone Keeper measures just a bit larger than a quarter, yet it holds 36 inches of high-tensile spectra/nylon line, and installation is fast and simple. Being tethered to your cell phone is no longer thing. $21.99.  

5. Klymit Static V Luxe SL Sleeping Pad:

Klymit produces what are quite possibly the best down sleeping bags for serious outdoor enthusiasts, and for the ultimate in camping comfort pair one of these bags with one of Klymit’s new Static V Luxe SL sleeping pads. Slightly trimmer than the company’s Static V Luxe, the new SL model weighs just 21 ounces and packs down to 8.5x5 inches, making it easy to stow. The V-shaped air pockets conform to the shape of your body, and there’s an insulated model with an R-value of 6.5 for those who will be camping in cold climates. $119.95 (uninsulated). $139.95 (insulated). 

6. Rocky Endeavor Point Boots:

Rocky’s Endeavor Point Boot is a great option for spring and summer outdoor activities. The low-profile design is lightweight (about 2.2 pounds) and comfortable, yet these boots offer plenty of ankle support for hiking in steep country. They feature full-grain leather uppers and waterproof construction, a flexible dual-density outsole and high-abrasion toe, and they are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. $129.99. 

7. Cordova 100 Cooler:

The American-made Cordova 100 proves that you don’t have to pay a fortune to own the very best large-capacity cooler on the market. Despite a cavernous internal capacity (the Cordova 100 holds 85 12-ounce cans or 70 pounds of ice), this cooler weighs just 34 pounds, and with a laundry list of innovative features like Anti-Slip Goat’s Feet bottoms, anodized aluminum handles with built-in bottle openers and high R-value foam insulation, this is one piece of warm-weather gear you’ll be sorry you didn’t buy sooner. $329.99. 

8. Birchwood Casey Rimfire Targets:

Birchwood Casey’s Rimfire Popper Target is designed specifically for soft-nosed .22 rimfire ammo. The four-inch paddle falls when struck and immediately pops back up without resetting, and the ($19.99)  base comes with two ground spikes for securing the target anywhere. The company is also offering a new Dueling Target Tree with four 3.5-inch steel plates that rotate from left to right (and vice-versa) when struck. The tree is mounted on a steel spike that can be driven into the ground to set up an impromptu target range in seconds. $99.99,   

9. Camp Chef Mesa Table:

Camp Chef garners a second spot on our list with the Mesa table, the ultimate can’t-do-without-it spring accessory item. If you’re tired of lugging folding tables around your property or to the campsite, then the Mesa is the answer. The accordion-style aluminum top attaches to the lightweight aluminum base, and the base itself features telescoping legs for easy height adjustments. When you’re finished with this table, simply detach the top and bottom, fold them, and slide them into their zippered bag for transport. When assembled, the Mesa offers a 48x27-inch surface space, yet it weighs just 22 pounds. $118.99. 

10. Bullseye Wi-Fi Scope Cam:

The Bullseye Wi-F Cam mounts securely to any spotting scope with 1 to 2.25-inch diameter eyepieces and provides instant feedback on how your firearm is performing when you are shooting at long range. The Wi-Fi Cam can also connect with your smart device so that shooters can access the Bullseye Target Manager app and take advantage of the company’s advanced shot tracking and logging technology. This also means no more walking downrange to examine targets between groups. Being able to attach your spotting scope to your phone also makes this a great gear item for summer scouting. $99.99. 


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