Video: Savage Journeys & Making it Rain Outdoors

Rain was born with deer antlers and fish scales—at least, that’s what her dad tells her!

posted on July 3, 2024

What do NRA Families look like?

Rain's outdoor family traditions date back to before the NRA was founded, when her many-times-great-grandparents hunted and fished for sustenance. Her great-grandmother loved to fish; her grandfather hunted deer, rabbit and raccoons; her father introduced Rain and her mother to hunting; and now, Rain carries on the tradition. This family legacy continues with the family Rain has created: a husband from New York and three sons, and spread to the world through Rain Outdoors.

Rain Outdoors began when Jason suggested that Rain show the world her love for the outdoors, proving that women do indeed hunt and fish. They took to social media and started creating videos of their outdoor adventures, but with a twist. Rain, who loves to laugh and see others happy, wanted to show more than just hunting and fishing. She wanted to bring humor and smiles, hoping people would learn to love the outdoors as she does while still having fun. 

So, what does an NRA Family look like? It looks like experienced hunters and shooters teaching love and respect for the outdoors and firearm safety. That's Rain Outdoors, and this terrific video from our friends at Savage Arms showcases their remarkable story.

Rain Outdoors is growing every day and has reached many different people from diverse backgrounds across the world.You can keep up with the adventures of Rain and her family on InstagramFacebook and YouTube. Support their outdoor apparel at


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