Shooting for Sheepskins: NASP Awards $50K in Random Scholarships

Who knew that putting arrows on target could net you free money for college?

posted on August 15, 2022
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NRA Families already know that shooting—whether that's bolts or bullets—instills discipline, teamwork and patience. But did you know that kids who shoot can earn scholarships as well as trophies to polish? There are lots of opportunities for students to get money for college, and today the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) has announced an innovative new one: the NASP Random Scholarship. To celebrate the successful conclusion of its 2022 National Tournament season, NASP just awarded $50,500 to over 100 National-level tournament participants ... randomly. How cool is that?

This is nothing like a "participation trophy." Competing at the national level as these students have done indicates that each of them is already a winner; the NASP Random Scholarship is random because choosing a "best" at that level is a near-impossible task. After all, the combined participation in 2022 alone exceeded 16,000 student archers submitting scores. 

What's more, NASP believes every student benefits from consideration of their post-secondary education options. The random scholarship awarding process was designed to inspire awarded students to consider their options after graduation by planting that “educational seed” and assisting students with their post-secondary educational expenses.

Cy and Wendy Early, parents of an Academic Archer random scholarship recipient, shared “Receiving this scholarship was not only a blessing, but a pleasant surprise. As he enters his senior year, this scholarship has given him a jumpstart in his college interest. We greatly appreciate this opportunity.”

Koen Rauls, a student from New Tech Institute, was chosen for one of the random $500 awards and said, “I never expected to be chosen for a scholarship, and I feel like this is an opportunity to help with my radio and broadcasting career dreams. This will help me get started on my journey after high school.”

Another $500 random scholarship recipient’s parent said, “We are very grateful that NASP has allowed our daughter to earn this scholarship to help her with school expenses. Archery has been a great way for her to meet new friends and enjoy a new sport that she loves.”

NASP, as an organization, continues to focus on the pursuit of academic success especially in light of the positive feedback from coaches and educators about how NASP is encouraging participation from disengaged students. Through random scholarships and the Academic Archer program, NASP continues to send the strongest of messages that we place tremendous value on success in the classroom and on the range.

Random scholarship winner Carl Brake of Arkoma High School put it this way, “This isn't about the money for me, it tells me I am seen, as having potential for the future.”

Want to get involved in National Archery in the Schools? Visit their website here!


Trailblazer Lifecard
Trailblazer Lifecard

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