Video Review: Silencer Central Buck 30 Suppressor

From the minds of the Buck Commander team, right to your door!

posted on October 24, 2023

Today, we have terrific news for hunters and shooters who care about protecting their hearing, straight from the greatest minds of hunting and shooting. When it comes to hunting, there's no team more dedicated than Buck Commander--and when it comes to suppressors, there's no team more innovative than Silencer Central. Together, they've created the Buck 30 Suppressor, a purpose-built silencer that's easy to buy and own.

Many people aren't aware that suppressors are legal for civilians to own in 42 states, and that it's legal to hunt with one in 40 of those states. (This is a fluid situation and the trend has been towards allowing them, not banning. For an updated list of where it's legal to have a silencer and to hunt with one, click here!) Even more people aren't aware that it's possible to purchase a suppressor online and have it shipped straight to your door, but buying a silencer has never been easier

That's a tremendous boon to new hunters, especially young ones. It's common (although definitely not recommended) for hunters to eschew ear protection, thinking that they only intend to shoot once and that they want to hear the sounds of the forest in the interim. Trouble is, the report of an unsilenced centerfire rifle can and will cause damage, and sometimes it only takes one shot

In this terrific video from our friends at American Hunter, you'll learn about how the noise reduction of the Buck 30 can help preserve your and your kids' hearing for life ... and about how your accuracy will only be affected for the better! For more information, visit


Gianni Giordano Lede
Gianni Giordano Lede

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