Savage Journeys: Raegan's First Buck

The next generation of hunters is ready and able ... all they need is a great mentor and a chance.

posted on July 18, 2022

As all NRA Families know, the starting point for a life in the outdoors is in the home. Savage Arms knows that, too, and the people who make up that iconically American gun company are dedicated to nurturing that starting point. Every single Rising Shooting Star starts life in the same place as the rest of us, and their success can be our success, too. Savage Arms created Savage Journeys as proof of that concept ... and encouragement.

In this installment of Savage Journeys, "Raegan's First Buck," teenager Raegan takes a break from her life as a cheerleader and trapshooter to venture into the woods for a mentored hunt. Who better to mentor Raegan than Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors' Brittany Waldman? As Waldman points out, there's a generation gap between America's hunters (and would-be hunters) that endangers the future of this American tradition. That said, we should find encouragement in Raegan's eagerness to follow the tradition ... all she needed was a knowledgeable and caring guide.

"I found out about the Savage Journeys hunt because I shoot trap on my high school trap team," said Raegan. "When my Trap Shooting Coach presented me with the opportunity to go on a hunt with Brittany with Outdoor Mentors, I was super excited to learn and harvest a deer."

It's true that the gestalt of precise, aimed rifle shooting is completely different from wingshooting with a shotgun. "I was very familiar with shotguns but not rifles," said Raegan. "Brittany and I practiced shooting different rifles in preparation for the hunt." After having selected a Savage 110 Storm for her hunt, it was off to the blind for the first step on her Savage Journey.



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