Register Now! CMP's 2024 National Matches at Camp Perry

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) welcomes shooters (and spectators) to its annual event.

at CMP Staff Writer posted on March 4, 2024
Camp Perry

Registration for the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s (CMP) 2024 National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches is officially open!

The annual event, held at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Base since 1907, is conducted by a partnership between the CMP and the Ohio National Guard. The month-long series showcases a variety of indoor and outdoor events for both adults and juniors, with spectators welcome to witness this century-old tradition, free of charge!

The National Matches is comprised of the CMP National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches, National Games Matches, National Smallbore Matches, National Air Gun Championships and the National Mid-Range and Long Range Matches. Along with several competitive opportunities, the National Matches includes a variety of educational clinics for marksmen and women at all experience levels as well as shopping selections from some of today’s leading industry vendors.

Whether competing for the first time, a seasoned competitor or simply observing, the National Matches has something for everyone.

Rimfire Sporter Rifle:

One of the most popular events of the National Games events, the Rimfire Sporter Rifle match features .22 caliber competition in open sights (O-Class), telescopic (T-Class) and tactical/unlimited (TU) classes, fired at 50 and 25 yards. The event is perfect for those just beginning in the sport or those looking for some nostalgic fun on the range.

Smallbore Rifle:

Like last year, all National Smallbore events will be fired on electronic targets on Petrarca Range. The schedule includes three-position and prone events – with F-Class running concurrently with Prone. Air Rifle will be held at the same time as the three-position smallbore for competitors to fire in both events.

National Air Gun Matches:

For air rifle and air pistol competitors, the National Air Gun Matches will be held on the electronic target range within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center. The air rifle series features training and an elimination two-team member match, two days of 60-shot competitions and an accompanying four-member team event.

NOTE: The Air Pistol Championships will be held in the evenings to allow competitors to take part in the Match Pistol 2700 during the day.


The National Pistol events include a mix of traditional matches like the President’s Pistol (President’s 100), National Trophy Individual and National Trophy Team events, alongside a series of 900 Aggregate matches for .22, .45 and Center Fire Pistol. The fan-favorite GSSF GLOCK National Challenge will be returning to the schedule in 2024, while the Service Revolver EIC Match has been renamed the Philip Hemphill Memorial Service Revolver EIC Match in honor of Philip Hemphill – a repeat national champion lost in late 2023.

Pistol Practice will be available on July 15 and 16 (cost: $5.00 per practice time). Competitors will receive a Pistol Practice card at check-in, with additional practice time open for purchase (if available).

Highpower, Service and Vintage Rifle:

The National Trophy Rifle series includes prestigious matches like the President’s Rifle, Hearst Doubles, Rattle Battle, National Trophy Individual and National Trophy Team events. A paired Junior Team Match is also on the schedule for young competitors, along with an assortment of vintage and modern military rifle events like the John C. Garand, Springfield and Vintage Sniper matches for individuals at every stage of their marksmanship abilities.

A 4-man team event and three 80 shot matches will appeal to those looking for more highpower rifle events, each fired on CMP’s line of outdoor electronic targets.

New for 2024: Squadded Practice will now have a fee of $20 for adults and $15 for juniors. Also, the Vintage Sniper Match will include a new category – Vietnam Era – and the Springfield Armory M1A event of the past is now the McKee Memorial Match (M14 Heritage Match), sponsored by Fulton Armory.

Mid-Range and Long Range Rifle:

The CMP’s National Long Range series features 10 individual and team competitions. Returning in 2024 is the Mid-Range event (with a course of fire consisting of three rounds of 20 shots slow prone at 600 yards), along with Long Range matches – all open to Match Rifle, Service Rifle, Palma Rifle, F-Open, F T/R or AR Tactical categories. Long Range Matches are fired on Camp Perry's 1,000-yard Viale Range.

BONUS: Simulator Steel Challenge Matches! For the 2024 National Matches, the CMP has added a Pistol Steel Challenge and a Rifle Steel Challenge, fired on the Laser Shot simulators assembled within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center. The Steel Challenge is a virtual match where competitors use a modified rifle or pistol (equipped with CO2 gas) to fire upon simulated targets. Individuals entered in either Challenge will be given three attempts to complete their respective course.


Small Arms Firing Schools (SAFS) will be held for rifle, pistol and smallbore rifle. Participants in SAFS are instructed by some of the top military instructors in the country on firearm safety and competition basics. All firearms and ammo are provided for the live-fire portion of the clinic.

Other clinics during the National Matches include a Rimfire Sporter Rifle Clinic, the CMP/USMC Junior Rifle Clinic, taught by current members of the Marine Corps Shooting Team, and the CMP Advanced Highpower Clinic, for more experienced competitors. Most clinics include both classroom and live-fire training on the range.


Behind the range, Commercial Row offers a variety of items for spectators and competitors – with an array of manufacturers selling used firearms, ammunition, competition gear, accessories, apparel and much more. The CMP North Store, located on the grounds of Camp Perry, allows even more buying opportunities at the Matches with a lineup of military surplus rifles, memorabilia and equipment needs.


Housing for the National Matches is currently available on the grounds of Camp Perry. Accommodations include four-person huts, cottages, barracks, RV spaces and camp sites. Camp Perry housing info posted at If base housing is full, numerous hotels are available in the surrounding Port Clinton, Fremont and Sandusky areas.


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