NRA Family Favorites: April 23, 2022

Don't miss this! Here are our favorite stories from the entire NRA Family of publications this week.

posted on April 23, 2022
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Here at NRA Family, we love our readers ... and we also love to read! Here are some of our favorite stories from around the whole family of NRA publications this past week. 

child holding nerf gunAt the top of our lineup, some thoughts on parenting from NRA Women columnist Jo Deering. Should kids be allowed to play with toy guns? Every rural and suburban kid of my generation (Gen X) grew up with a toy arsenal of pop guns, snap guns, plastic guns, wooden replicas and sticks vaguely shaped like guns. We ran around playing all sorts of gun-related games. It was what kids did, and no one thought anything of it. Read more here!

Being a firearms instructor involves a skill set that involves more than just being an accomplished shooter.  While some might think that this is the most defining characteristic of a qualified instructor, it actually isn’t. While it’s in the top five, it pales in comparison to the other skills that are more closely associated with the transfer of knowledge. Our friends at American Rifleman have five signs of a good gun instructor here.

"I picked-up my 4-Play box call and cut very loudly. The toms stopped fighting and began to race to the sound of the vocal hen. 'Let ‘em come,' I whispered to Spencer, my middle stepson. 'Shoot the big one,' advised Caleb, my son and Spencer’s stepbrother. Caleb had killed a 23-pound gobbler two hours before this fight broke-out. Some tips for taking kids turkey hunting from our friends at American Hunter here!child loads a shotgun

There's a tremendous need for match staff to help run the 2022 NRA National Matches. There is no other range in the United States like Camp Atterbury, and the NRA National Matches are truly a unique experience. We need your help with running the ranges, keeping statistical records and more. Here's how to get involved.

winchester shoot with the pros graphicRegistration is now open for the first-ever Winchester Shoot With the Pros event, which will be held June 7-9, 2022. The event will take place at both the Winchester headquarters in East Alton, Illinois, and the famous NILO hunting and shooting preserve in Brighton, Illinois. Both locations are located approximately 40 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Find out how you can shoot with the best clays shooters in the world here.

Thanks to conservation efforts like turkey stamps, ethical hunting practices and organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation, turkeys are sustainably hunted across the country. “Without wild turkeys there would be no Mossy Oak,” said CEO Toxey Haas. “And it's our responsibility to do everything we can with the time we have on earth to ensure the turkey hunting community leaves the wild turkey better off than we found them.” The performance camouflage company is giving back to these intriguing creatures by launching its inaugural turkey conservation stamp. Read more about this amazing project here!mossy oak turkey stamp

Winsome Sears in her officeOur friends at Americas 1st Freedom write, "When I opened my mailbox to find a campaign flyer showing Winsome Earle-Sears in business clothes holding an AR-15, she had my full attention. She went on to win the election to become the first Black woman to serve as lieutenant governor of Virginia. Now she had the nation’s attention." Shoot straight with Winsome Sears here!

"I’m a bit reluctant to present the new ammo products slated for production in 2022 because some of the new loads advertised for 2021 have yet to make it to dealer’s shelves," writes Shooting Illustrated columnist Richard Mann. "The reason for this was the unprecedented demand for ammunition we experienced over the last two years. It’s hard for manufacturers to dedicate resources to new offerings when they cannot make enough of their old ones to keep shooters happy. Though I’d not say the ammo world is back to normal, there does seem to be some stabilization. So, with some hesitancy, here are some exciting new ammo introductions to look forward to in 2022—or later...



Bison Short Rib Quesadilla
Bison Short Rib Quesadilla

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A recipe so delicious you can practically taste it through the screen.

First Impressions: Federal Premium's Line of Field & Range Gun Cases

Designed by hunters and shooters for the range, field and blind ... all with you in mind.

Defense of Life: Surprise Grizzly Attack in Idaho

When a grizzly bear attacked his girlfriend, this Idaho man saved the day.

First Impressions: Century Arms Centurion 11 Pistol

First introduced at the NRA Show this year, the Centurion 11 is a strikingly budget-friendly 1911.

Concealed-Carry at the Small of the Back: Pros & Cons

We affectionately call it "SOB Carry," and it may work well for you ... here's how to tell.

Reviewed: Umarex Komplete NCR Air Rifle

If you want an air rifle capable of 50 full-power shots of PCP power in the form of a small, simple gas cylinder, your wish has come true!


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