New for 2024: Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide Waterfowl

A beautifully evocative moniker for a beautifully fitted (yet affordable) over/under shotgun.

posted on January 25, 2024
Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide

As the NSSF SHOT Show rolls on, we find ourselves immersed in the most intriguing creations the firearms industry has to share. Swept away in the excitement of the next “big” thing, we sometimes forget that extensions of a proven product are also exciting, as they better serve a specific need. Such is the case with Mossberg’s Silver Reserve Eventide, a series of affordable over/under shotguns that have been tailored to satisfy more bird hunters than ever for 2024. Introduced this week, I came face-to-face with three different versions built for turkey: a new 20-gauge synthetic model and my personal favorite, the Eventide Waterfowl.

Featuring a 12-gauge, 3.5” chamber, the Eventide Waterfowl is capable of handling the magnum shells that are best suited for high-flying birds. This particular shotgun wears a 28” barrel set, which I believe is the optimal length for tighter duck blinds, without having to make any realistic sacrifices in velocity.

The set is finished in Patriot Brown Cerakote, which fortifies it against the harsh environment that is a salty duck stand while helping it disappear into the marsh. The same can be said about the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass finish applied to the stock and forend. In fact, the only conspicuous part of the shotgun is its fiber-optic front sight, which is essential for tracking early-morning ducks.

Picking it up for the first time, I was impressed with its solidarity as well as the intermediate 14” length of pull (LOP). I find this fits a wider cross-section of shooters and fairs better in tight conditions than the 14.25” guns that most consider standard. Cracking it open revealed a robust pair of locking lugs and ejectors, showing me that this firearm is built for frigid, sub-freezing conditions. As predicted, it shouldered without snagging, even while wearing restrictive attire. This included my testing from a seated position, which is undoubtedly how this firearm would be used. MSRP $756;



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