New for 2024: Walther PDP Steel Frame

For years, the author thought there wasn't anything to improve on ... then he met the PDP Steel.

posted on January 25, 2024
Walther Pdp Steel FAM

When Walther Arms released the PPQ series of pistols, I sat in awe, wondering what the next evolution would be. Having competed with one for years prior to the Match edition coming out, I realized that there wasn’t a ton to improve on. Years later, the line underwent a larger refinement with the PDP family, which emboldened the grip texture, polished the already superb ergonomics, and came optics-ready to reflect a significant swing in the industry.

Leaving us beyond satisfied with the new pistol, this year Walther decided to branch out a bit further into this series with the PDP Steel Frame. This twist on the instant classic satisfies those looking for reduced recoil, the assurance of all-metal construction, or simply the latest iteration of Walther’s best thinking. 

After elbowing my way through the crowd surrounding their booth at the 2024 NSSF SHOT Show, I was pleased to see that it will be offered in a full-sized 4.5" version as well as a compact 4" option. Each pistol features the tell-tale PDP grip texture that now comes via wraparound grip panels, allowing for interchangeability to help fit the pistol even better to your hand. This is complemented by the most aggressive cocking serration on the market, making it perfect for anybody who suffers from dexterity issues or wants to ensure a positive grasp during stressful situations.

As always, each of the new PDPs come optics-ready with plates available for every imaginable red-dot footprint. Picking each one up showed me that Walther did not cheap out on the steel, as the full-sized pistol tips the scale at a whopping 41 oz. It fit my hand like a glove and transitioned magnetically between targets. Dry-firing re-introduced me to the Performance Duty Trigger, which is known for its crisp break and unparalleled reset, rounding out the package for anybody who likes to shoot fast. All in all, I think this is going to be another major hit for Walther, and I can’t wait to put some rounds through the PDP Steel. MSRP $1,849;




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