New for 2024: EAA Disruptor Pistol

If you’re asking what features this $400 striker-fired pistol comes with, the answer is simple: everything.

posted on January 24, 2024
Eaa Disruptor

These days, it’s surprising to see something drop in price, especially when it pertains to the firearms market. Raw material shortages plus an unpredicted global demand have created the perfect storm for this phenomenon. Luckily, US-based EAA (European American Armory) is quite familiar with navigating these turbulent waters and, as such, has released a handgun that essentially negates everything I have just written. They aren’t shy about that either, so much so that they named the new pistol the MC9 “Disruptor.” It's set to disrupt everything you’d expect from a polymer-framed pistol that costs this little. There’s a lot to report here, but it only makes sense to start with the MSRP, which is a paltry $394. If you’re asking what features it comes with, the answer is simple: everything.

The Disruptor starts its strut with the enhanced striker trigger, which boasts a healthy weight reduction as well as a more positive reset. This joins standard features like interchangeable backstraps, direct mounting capability for a red dot optic, a threaded barrel, dust cover accessory rail ... even a neat-looking camo finish. Lastly, it is fed from an efficiently designed magazine, which yields a capacity of 17+1.

Meeting it in person at the NSSF SHOT show allowed for preliminary handling. At 22 oz., it was clear that the MSRP wasn’t lowered by using inferior materials or less of the good stuff. I liked the return to a less-aggressive skate-tape-like pattern for the grip, as it departs from the cheese graters that have flooded the market as of late. While there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s nice to have something more options like this out there, especially at this price point.

Using the oversized cocking serrations to ensure it was clear, I presented it in a safe direction. I found the low-profile sights to point instinctually at whatever my eyes were planted on. After confirming I was allowed to dry-fire the pistol, I can safely attest to the fact that the trigger is indeed upgraded from the original MC9s, and it left me aching for a range day. For more information, visit



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