First Impressions: MTM Case-Gard Traveler Bow Case

No, you can't carry an assembled bow as a carry-on ... but MTM Case-Gard is on the case!

posted on May 28, 2024
Mtm Case Gard Travelers Bow Case

It's true that archery equipment isn't treated the same way as firearms by TSA and the airlines--for example, you don't have to declare that you have it--but you cannot carry an assembled bow on board the plane. You'll have to check it, and that means you must abandon your archery equipment to the tender mercies of baggage handlers. Transporting expensive and sensitive bowhunting gear can be anxiery-inducing. Fortunately, those concerns are eliminated thanks to MTM Case-Gard's new-for-2024 Traveler Bow Case.

Sized to accept conventional bows up to 44" long, the Traveler Bow Case is made of rugged polypropylene, with fortified wall construction. That means this case will protect your bow and arrows in the back of a truck, strapped to an ATV or as checked luggage while flying to your next hunt. Further protection comes courtesy of high-quality foam padding and adjustable hook-and-loop strapping that keeps your gear securely cinched in place. What’s more, the Traveler Bow Case is engineered to accept most bows with the quiver attached. 

There are also three different mounting points incorporated on the inside lid of the case for your quiver to be mounted during transport as well as additional straps for securing should the quiver need to be stowed separately. To ensure arrows can be transported safely, the Traveler Bow Case comes with MTM’s Traveler Arrow Case, which is designed to hold up to six broadhead-tipped arrows and three practice arrows suspended in protective notched foam padding.

The Traveler Bow Case meets TSA approval for airline transport when used with TSA-approved locks (not included). The two locking tabs are positioned alongside the front no-break snap latches so you can be assured that your valuable contents remain secure. Additional features include comfortable handles and recessed wheels to facilitate ground transport.

Offered in black with a red center handle and red latches, the Traveler Bow Case has an exterior dimension of 47.08 x 19.33 x 8.44". MSRP $79.98;


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