Morgan Rogue: Rising Shooting Star

posted on July 11, 2018

If you are interested in common- sense survival-skills tips, you can find help at YouTube with Morgan Rogue’s channel, “Rogue Preparedness.” Rogue describes herself in her bio: “I'm a prepper/survivalist/bushcrafter/runner/hunter/archer/gun enthusiast/enjoy knives and I love to review gear, go camping and hiking and just enjoy life!” Rogue also is a CCW permit holder and is enthusiastic about firearms. Find out more about this rising star in the preppers’ world.


NRA Family: When people ask you what you do, what do you tell them?

Morgan Rogue: I keep it simple and I tell them that I'm a stay-at-home mom and I work part-time from home. If they press further to want to know what I do at home, I tell them that I write and I teach people how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. I'll either get a response like, "Oh, cool," and the conversation ends – or, or if they're feeling feisty, they'll say something like, "Oh, like those doomsday preppers?" 

NRA Family: How did you arrive at this point, at being who you are and doing what you do?

Morgan Rogue: If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be teaching people how to be prepared, hunting, fishing, shooting, etc., I would have looked at you like you were an alien with two heads! I always loved the outdoors and my passion only increased as I got older. But never did I imagine that I would be doing what I do. I think it all came together when I met my husband and he was into the outdoors and we helped each other learn new skills. From there, it all just kind of happened that I was getting into hunting and fishing and teaching people preparedness. I've found my place.

NRA Family: You’ve built a prepper presence on social media. What have you learned along the way?

Morgan Rogue: Social media is all about reaching people in a fun and entertaining way. I seem to focus more on the educational part, without the fun and entertainment, and my presence doesn't grow as fast because of it. I'm not going to compromise my values by getting half naked and I certainly don't want to compromise the seriousness of preparedness, shooting, etc. However, there can be a good mix of entertainment and education. It's all about finding that balance. I'm still learning to find that balance, but I'm going to just keep being me in the process. You can't compromise who you are just to get some likes. 

NRA Family: If there are levels of preppers, which level are you?

Morgan Rogue: I'm not sure there are necessarily "levels," but there might be types. Like, there's the newbie prepper who kind of always stays a newbie and has only a limited interest in it. Then there's me, a hardcore prepper, who does it all the time and thinks about it all the time. Not everyone has to be like me and that's what I encourage people to consider – where they want to be with their preparedness. If they want just to have a few weeks of food and a "go bag" and want nothing else to do with it, that's okay. Not everyone is going to be on the same "level" and that's okay, just as long as they get prepared. 

NRA Family: You carry concealed, yet some preppers, I’ve heard, are very anti-gun. How do you respond to criticism about your preference to exercise your Second Amendment rights?

Morgan Rogue: Everyone preps for different reasons. Some people just want to store some food and water for hurricane season and then continue to go about their normal lives. They aren't really "preppers," but they want to have the basic supplies to be prepared according to what the government tells them. I say that because, I'm someone who believes in self-preservation – in every sense of the word. Most of the time when I get criticism, it's from people who ask me how I deal with a gun around a child or if my mindset about guns has changed since I've become a mom. Then there are preppers who may live in other countries with very strict gun laws and very much believe in those strict gun laws, yet they believe in preparedness. In any case, I deal with the criticism about exercising my Second Amendment rights the same way I deal with criticism towards preparedness: I try to have a logical discussion with them, if they don't want to hear it, I end the conversation and leave an open invite to talk to me anytime if they decide to get the facts and talk without emotion. I am open to discuss and listen to anything, as long as the other person is also willing to do the same without their emotions clouding their judgment. There's only so long you can talk to a brick wall.

NRA Family: Why does a prepper lifestyle fit with the Second Amendment?

Morgan Rogue: It's all about being able to take care of yourself. The Second Amendment protects the right to fight back against those who wish to do us harm. Preparedness does the same thing, if you think about it. If Mother Nature wants to throw a hurricane my way, I'm prepared to fight back with my preps. The prepper lifestyle teaches you how to rely on yourself and no one else; the same goes with the 2A, I believe. It gives you the power to be in control of your own destiny, of your own life! If something bad happens, whether it's someone or something trying to hurt my family, or me, I'm prepared to fight back and thrive. 

NRA Family: What skillset are you working on this summer?

Morgan Rogue: I'm working on my health this summer. Heath is one of the most overlooked skills. Trying to keep up with a routine of vitamins, exercise, proper diet; it's definitely a skill. This summer I'm going to be getting into healthier habits. 

NRA Family: Is there a shooting discipline that you’d care to try or improve your skills in?

Morgan Rogue: There are a lot of shooting disciplines that I could improve on. I'm always looking to improve my shooting in all aspects. I'm comfortable with handguns and rifles, but not comfortable with shotguns. I'm also always looking to improve my action shooting. I love movement and shooting, lots of fun and also practical. 

NRA Family: Your daughter — when and how will you introduce her to firearms?

Morgan Rogue: She watches me put on my firearm every single day. She's also already been to the range several times; she first went when she was five months old. She even went dove hunting with us when she was two months old (she slept the whole time, but hey, she was there!). And yes, she has always had proper eye and hearing protection. As far as actually shooting firearms herself, I'd like to get her shooting a pellet gun as soon as she's able and from there move to a .22 and beyond. The first week she was born, we bought her a Ruger 10/22. It's a bit heavy so we may start her out with a Savage Rascal, which is lighter weight. Either way, we'd like to introduce her as soon as possible and in the meantime, when she's old enough, teach her about proper gun safety long before she picks up her first gun. 

NRA Family: Is there a way to make self-protection more of an accepted concept in the world of prepping?

Morgan Rogue: That's a good question! I think it's just like with anything else, keep trying to have logical discussions and try to teach people about why we use firearms as self-protection. Lately, I've been getting far more praise for showing that I carry and people have said, "I wish more women/moms would carry." It's just all about getting it out there and making it more of a normal thing than a weird or crazy thing. 


Watch Rogue Preparedness and visit Morgan Rogue on Instagram.


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