Launching 2023: Springfield Model 2020 Rimfire Rifle

This is an heirloom-quality rifle pretty enough to sit in your safe, but rugged enough to stay by your side all the time. 

posted on July 24, 2023
Springfield 2020 Rimfire

Three years ago, Springfield Armory made major waves in the hunting world when it released its Model 2020 Waypoint, a bolt-action rifle that was created specifically for hunting. Of course, the venerable gunmaker had been producing bolt-action M1A rifles for decades. Of course, one certainly can hunt with an M1A. However, up until that point, Springfield had been missing a purpose-built hunting rifle from its lineup. Instantly, American shooters clamored for both more ... and less. Springfield heard us, and has just launched the Model 2020 Rimfire family in everyone's favorite plinking and hunting caliber: .22LR.

Offered in both wood-stocked and synthetic-stocked versions, the blued Model 2020 Rimfire in .22 LR offers shooters an elite, well-tuned rimfire at a price families can afford. This is an heirloom-quality rifle pretty enough to sit in your safe, but rugged enough to stay by your side all the time. 

Let's talk performance! The premium barrel of the Model 2020 Rimfire in .22 LR is 20” long and free-floated for its full length. As a result, the rifle will not suffer point of impact shift due to input against the stock. The Target Model is threaded to accept suppressors and muzzle devices, while the Classic Model features a sporter contour for a day afield.

The best part about a rimfire rifle is a sweet trigger, and Springfield delivers. Optimized for the .22-caliber action, the Model 2020 Rimfire features a Model 700-pattern adjustable trigger that is factory set at 4.5 lbs. The trigger can be tuned to your preference and delivers a crisp, clean break. Furthermore, the action is designed to accept many aftermarket 700-pattern triggers for enhanced customization. In addition, a length of pull of 13.45” ensures the maximum in handling and performance.

Outperforming other rifles in its class, the bolt-action Model 2020 Rimfire action features dual cocking cams and a hard chrome bolt for smooth cycling and flawless operation. The 60-degree bolt throw enhances speed and ease of use while the interrupted picatinny rail delivers a solid foundation for the optic of your choice. A threaded bolt handle also allows for customization by the shooter.

Each Model 2020 Rimfire ships with Springfield's .22-caliber rotary magazine. Crafted from durable polymer, the magazine holds 10 rounds and delivers them smoothly into the chamber. The rifle and magazine are cross compatible with Ruger 10/22-pattern magazines of the same capacity, offering versatility without compromise.

The Model 2020 Rimfire bolt-action rifle is offered in two primary versions: the wood-stocked Classic Model and the synthetic-stocked Target Model. The Classic is offered in four grades of Turkish walnut with a satin finish--Select Satin, Grade A, Grade AA and Grade AAA. The Target boasts a reinforced polymer stock modeled after the popular Model 2020 Waypoint.

Featuring premium Turkish Walnut, the Classic Model is offered in four grades of wood: Select Satin, Grade A, Grade AA and Grade AAA. Each grade of wood offers classic style and craftsmanship, allowing you to choose the degree of figure and grain to suit your style. The Target Model’s synthetic stock is offered in either black or sage with black webbing finishes and a target-style configuration. MSRPs run from $434 to $1,099, depending upon model chosen. For more information, visit!




Bonfire Public Domain
Bonfire Public Domain

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