First Impressions: CZ 600 AMERICAN Rifle

It may come to us via Czechoslovakia, but this brand-new bolt-action beauty is all-American.

posted on November 15, 2023
Cz 600 American Lede

The year 2023 may be wrapping up, but if you're looking to wrap a gift for the hunter in your life, CZ is rolling out a new addition to its wildly popular CZ 600 family, the all-new CZ 600 AMERICAN. As NRA Family readers may already know, CZ actually stands for "Ceska zbrojovka," because the company is Czech ... and this centerfire, bolt-action rifle is a commentary on the European perception of American guns. It's called the AMERICAN because Europeans refer to this kind of bolt-action as "American-style."

What else makes the 600 AMERICAN such a compliment to our style of shooting and hunting? Available in a wide range of calibers, from .223 Rem to .300 Win Mag, it is ready to meet the needs of a wide range of hunters and sport shooters. It's equipped with a thin profile and cold-hammer-forged barrel. The single-stage trigger features smooth operation and easy user adjustment of pull weight. A locking five-round magazine allows for quick changeovers from fixed to removable operation and vice versa.

Like most centerfire rifles in the CZ 600 series, the CZ 600 AMERICAN features a patented vertical safety with intuitive and virtually noiseless, operation. The bolt can be removed by pressing a spring-loaded button on the right side of the receiver without having to disengage the safety and manipulate the trigger. The controlled feed system with short extractor ensures reliable delivery of cartridges in any position, even during rapid reloads.

Of course, seasoned American shooters have their own perception of European firearms and firearm parts. We Americans love our trees, but we know that Turkish walnut is a (if not the) premium stock material. This beautiful rifle's Turkish walnut stock features a fleur-de-lis on the grip. This brand-new release joins the popular CZ 600 family, which includes the hunting, sport and hobby models – ALPHA, ERGO, LUX, RANGE and TRAIL. MSRP $849 American, $1,499 American High Grade.






Gianni Giordano Lede
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