Launching 2023: Magnum Research BFR in Remington 360 Buckhammer

The Biggest, Finest Revolver is now chambered in Remington's hottest new rifle round for one serious hunting handgun!

posted on April 18, 2023
360 Buckhammer Bfr

Magnum Research's iconic revolver is known as the BFR, which either stands for "biggest, finest revolver" or "big-frame revolver," depending on who you ask. What nobody contests is that the BFR is an ideal hunting handgun. (Although these massive wheelguns could certainly be used for home defense as well, the fact that they're about the length of your forearm makes them a bit tough to carry concealed.) It's also one of Magnum Research's most popular firearms, and always a crowd-pleaser at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. So it's no wonder that Magnum Research unveiled its latest addition to the BFR family at the 2023 Meetings: the BFR in Remington's new 360 Buckhammer chambering.

Here's why that's exciting. Remington's 360 Buckhammer is what's called a "straight-wall" cartridge, meaning that it can be used in far more parts of the country (and for longer) than the tapered ammunition that most hunting arms currently use. With unrivaled ballistic performance in its class, the .360 Buckhammer is optimized to deliver effective performance and a drop that is ideal across common hunting ranges.

This straight walled cartridge is built with high quality Remington components for reliable ignition, and a Core-Lokt .358 caliber bullet delivering both weight retention and controlled expansion. The .360 BHMR is the ultimate straight wall hunting cartridge. Magnum Research’s Biggest Finest Revolver is legendary for its reliability, accuracy, and strength, making it ideally suited to be the first handgun chambered in the .360 Buckhammer.

With its 10”, 1:12 twist barrel, the .360 BFR will deliver rounds down range, on target, and with ideal handgun hunting performance. The plow handle style rubber grips will tame the recoil of the powerful round, and the stainless steel finish makes it super durable in the field. Brett Pikula, Magnum Research Master Gunsmith, said “we are super excited to work with Remington’s team in bringing the .360 Buckhammer to market! With its proven record as the ideal hunting handgun for the American sportsman, I am confident our customers will find this cartridge’s ballistic performance to be exceptional from the BFR.” For more information on this new offering, visit!


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