First Impressions: Traditions Outfitter G3 Single-Shot Rifle in 360 Buckhammer

A dedicated hunting rifle takes on one of the hottest new chamberings of the last decade.

posted on May 13, 2024
Traditions Outfitterg3 360Buckhammer Logo

Traditions' Outfitter G3 single-shot rifle may only have one in the chamber, but it's shot to the top of the charts ever since its introduction. As a dedicated hunting rifle, it was only a matter of time before Traditions chambered it in one of the hottest dedicated big-game hunting rounds of the decade, Remington's 360 Buckhammer cartridge. This caliber will be available in both the standard and all new Pro Series models.

The Outfitter G3 is the perfect choice for whitetail and large-game hunting. With a 22” Chromoly Steel barrel, it is lightweight and accurate. Certain calibers, including 360 Buckhammer, come with a QD forend for quick takedown of your firearm and a muzzle brake for recoil reduction. The new Pro Series line also features an adjustable cheek piece and adjustable length of pull. 

Remington Ammunitions’s 360 Buckhammer pushes the boundaries of what a straight wall cartridge can do. Featuring offerings from Remington as well as Federal Ammunition, 360 Buckhammer provides a flat trajectory and low recoil – perfect for deer, bear, or hog. 360 Buckhammer delivers proven performance with a higher velocity and more energy compared to other straight-wall cartridge options on the market.

Alison Hall, Marketing Manager for Traditions, says “Teaming up with Remington Ammunition to offer the 360 Buckhammer caliber in our Outfitter G3 line was an easy decision. We offer many different calibers but 360 Buckhammer truly offers shooters the terminal energy, reduced recoil, and performance they need. The Outfitter G3 is known for being extremely accurate so when paired with 360 Buckhammer it’s a deadly combination. I’ve seen this first-hand with personal experience in the field.” MSRP $609.95-$749.95 depending upon model chosen;


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