First Impressions: Taurus Optics-Ready Judge Revolver

What’s better than a Judge? A Judge with a dot on it!

posted on October 20, 2023
Taurus Toro Judge Lede

When Taurus USA launched the first-ever optics-ready defensive revolvers, the 856 and 605 Taurus Optics Ready Option (T.O.R.O.) revolvers, consumers loved them. In fact, shooters only had one question: What's the Judge's verdict? The Taurus Judge, in case you didn't know, is possibly one of the most-loved defensive revolvers on the market. It offers the capability to shoot .45LC and .410-bore shotshells, all in one gun ... and everyone wanted one in an optics-ready version. 

As of right now, Taurus is shipping the first extension to the T.O.R.O. revolver line: The Judge T.O.R.O. These firearms are either already available at dealers or will be in the next few days. The most popular multi-caliber revolver on the market is now optics ready. Better still, it's available in four different models: a stainless or matte black model with a cylinder that accepts 2.5" .410 shotshells, and stainless and matte black models that accept 3" .410 shotshells. 

Regardless of which model you choose, each boasts a 3” barrel, smooth-double action trigger and standard Judge T.O.R.O. and Magnum Judge T.O.R.O. optics plates. These accept sights that fit the Holosun K-series or Shield RMSc footprints. (The gun even has a fiber optic front sight if you don’t want to use the included optics plate ... but you'll want to use it.) 

"What’s better than a Judge? A Judge with a dot on it,” said Caleb Giddings, General Manager of Marketing for Taurus USA. "The Judge is without a doubt our most popular revolver, and adding a red dot to it just enhances its capabilities."

The new Taurus Judge T.O.R.O. is shipping now, and MSRP will start at $615.99. For more information on the Taurus Judge family of firearms, visit


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Bonfire Public Domain

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