First Impressions: ScentLok BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack

Because your backpack is much stinkier than you know ...

posted on October 6, 2023
Scentlok Grinder Lede

Backpacks are notoriously stinky. Oh, not to us--to human noses, they usually smell fine. But game animals, especially whitetails and bears, can pick up the scent of a predator (e.g., you) from hundreds of yards away. Many hunters know to spray their clothing and shoes down with scent-killer formulas, but forgetting the backpack can mean the difference between a successful harvest and going home empty-handed. That's where ScentLok's updated and upgraded BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack comes in!

The BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack combats the hunt-ruining threat of Human Stink with a carbon-alloy lining to adsorb and lock away odors from the gear placed inside. The updated BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack sports exterior compression straps for holding and toting climbing sticks and platforms, which are commonly carried by saddle hunters. Customer feedback and extensive internal testing combined to establish this new, critical feature for mobile hunters. To that, the pack now offers riggings to manage your bow in and out of the field, promoting handsfree travel.

The original BE:1 Grinder was already wildly popular, but customers had feedback to improve it. ScentLok listened to them as attentively as you listen for hoofbeats in the leaves. The standout feature which lead to the pack’s original success is the large side access that allows you to access the main compartment without opening the top. The result is minimizing movement in the field while you reach items lower in the pack.

Say a shooter buck appears in an unexpected location and you realize you’ve left your rangefinder inside the pack, which is hanging on the tree next to you at shoulder level. Instead of standing up or reaching up to unzip the main compartment from the top – both options requiring significant movement – you remain seated while using a single hand to retrieve the required tool quickly and efficiently from the bag’s main compartment.

Speaking of compartments, the BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack features 17 of them, with 2,800 total cubic inches of storage space. Moreover, this extremely versatile and right-sized pack affords unequaled customization and utility with respect to storing and accessing gear. That means hunters will find exactly the right place to store whatever they need to bring to the stand – securely and efficiently.

Engineered for comfort, stealth, and longevity, the BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack is constructed from a durable and extremely quiet high-count tricot polyester fabric. Breathable shoulder straps and back pads combine with four-way adjustability to create a comfortable fit on any hunter and under any load. The straps are removable, too, especially for fleet of foot hunts. A hidden rain fly can be quickly deployed to protect the pack and its contents from precipitation. Once at the stand, a durable thermoplastic handle allows the pack to be hung with confidence.
MSRP $249.99;


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