BUG-A-SALT "Gun": Housefly Eradication Worth its Salt

posted on March 20, 2020

The BUG-A-SALT GUN is the tool of choice in launching an attack against the elusive housefly. As the clever name suggests, these guns are designed to shoot ordinary granulated table salt. The BUG-A-SALT gun uses approximately one pinch of salt per shot, and is capable of shooting up to 80 times between reloads. With a maximum effective range of 3 feet, these “weapons” are made for close-quarters combat.

Unlike the lowly, outdated fly swatter, the BUG-A-SALT 2.0 keeps your prey intact. These household “weapons” are perfect for any small, soft-bodied bug such as a housefly or mosquito. Families wishing to arm themselves with a fun and safe version of this product line should lean towards the 2.0 version. BUG-A-SALT recently released its Blackfly 3.0 edition. Potential buyers should be warned that the 3.0 edition can pulverize smaller prey, such as mosquitoes, often resulting in what resembles a crime scene cleanup.

The manufacturer does not recommend using any of their products on bees or large insects, such as the dreaded Palmetto Bug. If you find yourself in a showdown against such an adversary, “spray and pray” protocols apply.

BUG-A-SALT recommends “patterning” loads by shooting at aluminum foil. Patterning is the process of observing your target for areas of shot concentration. The salt projectiles will leave impressions in the foil, making this product perfect for learning your new weapon’s capabilities. Experienced shooters will have no problem pushing the limits of their new gun. However, little shooters will benefit from honing their skills before engaging live targets.

All joking aside, sound instruction and supervision are needed when allowing kids to participate. BUG-A-SALT would like to remind you that their housefly hammer is intended for adults. (A shot of salt in the eye could be serious!) The whole family is sure to have a blast as they apply their firearm handling fundamentals in this controlled shooting environment. Valuable lessons include target acquisition, proper sight alignment, as well as spot-and-stalk tactics.
small child takes aim with bug a salt toy

The BUG-A-SALT gun operates much like a shotgun. Small hands may find it difficult to pull the trigger as it requires a bit of strength to shoot. This gun is cocked and ready to fire by utilizing its pump-action. The cocking mechanism builds the necessary pressure to fire each round of salt. The rear sight pops up to provide a visual indicator of when you are “locked and loaded”. Each gun is also equipped with a safety.

The BUG-A-SALT gun is undoubtedly the easiest in your collection to maintain. The manufacturer recommends an occasional light coat of Vaseline to preserve its plastic. WD-40 has also proven effective in lubricating the moving parts such as the cocking mechanism and the trigger assembly.

What was once an oppressive presence in your home is now a welcomed opposition. Be prepared for the entire family’s excitement as they discover a bug lurking in the corner of the room. Everyone will race to bear arms and strategize their attack! Little boys and girls will shriek with excitement as they defend the honor of their household.

The MSRP rings in at $44.95, but remember: Ammo will prove to be a negligible expense regardless of how often you shoot, and it will always remain on store shelves. For those looking to accessorize their newest investment, the Bug Beam is available for $14.95 for improved accuracy. The Bug Beam is a laser that fits on both the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of the gun and comes with an Allen wrench for calibrating. Backed with a 90-day manufacturer’s/ one-year limited warranty, BUG-A-SALT ensures that your investment is protected. Want a BUG-A-SALT of your own? Click here for more information, or to purchase!


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