5 Simple (& Cheap) Gadgets to Boost Your Home Security

Making your home safer doesn’t always have to cost thousands of dollars.

posted on November 21, 2022
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Making your home safer doesn’t always have to cost thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the simplest solutions can be the most effective! The following list contains security devices that can greatly enhance the safety and security of your home. If nothing else, they can provide some much-needed peace of mind.

1. Door and Window Alarms

These alarms have small magnetic sensors that are attached to your door or window using an adhesive strip. Once the sensor detects that your door or window is being opened, it emits a very loud alarm. The alarm will make you aware of the intruder and will also serve as a deterrent. A pack of 10 alarms costs $19. They are battery-operated and do not require any tools or special skills to install. The devices are also equipped with an on/off switch for those times when the alarm is not needed. Not only can door and window alarms alert you to an intruder, but they can also let you know if someone is leaving! For those with young children or a person with dementia in the home, this is a bonus feature for keeping your family safe.

2. Door Wedge Alarms

Door wedges are traditionally used to hold a door open. However, a door wedge alarm is used to keep your door closed. The wedge alarm is “wedged” between the bottom of the door and the floor. Should someone attempt to gain entry, they will be met with actual resistance as well as an ear-piercing alarm sound. You can put them in place whenever you are home or before going to bed. At $21 for a pack of four, they are a cheap layer of protection.

3. Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras have gotten extremely affordable over the past few years. Like most things, you get what you pay for … but at the hundred-dollar price point, you can expect to get a solid-quality camera with Wi-Fi capability. Installation only requires using four screws to attach its mounting plate to the outside of your house. Once the plate is installed, you can simply snap your doorbell camera into place. Wiring is not necessary because the cameras are equipped with rechargeable batteries. However, you will never have to worry about recharging those batteries if you utilize your existing doorbell wire as a constant power source. Doorbell cameras are motion-activated and can instantly send videos to your cell phone. With the holidays right around the corner, thieves will be on the prowl for packages on doorsteps. Doorbell cameras serve as excellent deterrents against porch pirates.

4. Door Chains and Latches

If you have stayed overnight in a hotel, you have likely seen a door chain or latch. The functionality of these locking devices is simple but very effective. While door chains and latches won’t keep people from breaking in while you are away, they do an excellent job of keeping you safe while you are home. If you are living in a rental and don’t know if the door locks have been re-keyed, they can be a great investment. Door chains and latches typically cost around $10 and only require a screwdriver or drill to install them.

5. Portable Door Locks 

The portable door lock is an ingenious device that is extremely easy to use. It consists of two components that work together to hold a door closed. Standing inside of the house, you simply snap a metal plate into the door’s strike plate, which is the hole in the jamb that the latch slides into. The door is then closed, and a lock connects to the metal plate and holds the door shut. They are very popular for people who travel a lot or who occasionally stay in vacation homes. They cost $15, require no tools, and take only seconds to install.

For under $200 you can get all of these devices and create your own home security system. While your DIY security system may not be networked into the local police station, it will buy you some extra time to grab your most effective home security device—your firearm!



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