5 Things to Make Range Time Easier

posted on August 26, 2015

What a Load!: Loading round after round into a magazine can be tough on your fingers and joints, so we’re thankful for these magloaders. Maglula’s AR15/M4 PMAG Range BenchLoader is a heavy-duty industrial magazine loader that loads up to 30 loose rounds in a single stroke. Their magloader is made of just three parts with no need for maintenance or cleaning, is chemical resistant, and is rugged but gentle where it needs to be; meaning it will keep your magazine lips unruffled and intact. The Maglula RangeBench Loader is suitable for AR15/M4 and 5.56/.223., and has an MSRP of $165. For more information visit Maglula.com.

Alternatively you could also make your own, and for much less. Mr. Larry0001 is a man with a “do it yourself” mindset and offers a helping hand for those just starting out on the DIY trail. His website is full of projects and layouts to get you out of the store and into your garage (or wherever you find yourself creating). In regards to magazine loaders, his site features instructions and templates on how to build your own for only $14.95 plus S&H, and he has an instructional video showing you how to assemble it. Be sure to check out the other templates and plans on Larry’s site.

Sit Back, and Hit That Target: A benchrest can make a day at the outdoor range much more enjoyable, and necessary if you’re trying your hand at benchrest target shooting. Cabela’s list of portable benchrests is vast and you’re sure to find an ideal one. However if you were blessed with a wooden thumb (figuratively…but maybe an actual wooden is a blessing) then check out this portable bench rest made from one sheet of plywood. The amazing and crafty team at Reality Survival have created an easy-to-follow plan, complete with templates, pictures and an assembly video, on how to make your own portable benchrest. Get all the information you need here, and be sure to send a big “thank you” their way!

Like A Glove: Shooting gloves are a personal preference; they can benefit some shooters while others prefer shooting barehanded. Yet, if you’re a lot like myself, gloves can be an accessory to prolong your time at the range. My hands get worked, so adding extra support and a layer between my skin and the rub of the gun truly helps. Pro-Aim gloves are a great choice, and are actually more than just gloves; they are ergonomically designed and act like a brace that extends from the wrist to the finger. The fabric protects the skin while the brace provides added support. Order here, MSRP $50. 

On the other hand….weight training gloves are another option and can be a beneficial addition to your range bag. They protect the skin where your gun may rub, and they offer padding to help lessen the effect of recoil. With a variety of brands, sizes, designs and colors, you’re bound to find a pair that fits for the right price.

Targets, Targets, Targets: 
Bring a variety of targets with you to the range, and all for free! Target.ws has numerous animal, sight-in, bullseye, star and other fun game targets just waiting to be printed. Would you like to practice moose shooting? They got it. Do you need to practice scope targeting? That’s on their website. Maybe you’ve always wanted to play mini-golf, but in a slightly different way? Well they have that too! Check out Target.ws and see all their target options. 
Wipe It Away: As your day at the range ends you should clear away all your trash, pick up casings and take off as much lead residue as possible. If you’re at an outdoor range or field where the closest sink is miles away, D-Wipe towels are a great way to wipe away chemicals. These convenient one-use wipes are portable and require no water. So wipe away harmful irritants…one less thing to irritate you. Order yours from Brownells here. MSRP $5. 



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