5 Mother's Day Ideas For the NRA Mom

posted on April 26, 2016

It seems as if Mother's Day sneaks up on us every year, doesn't it? One minute it's Valentine's Day, and the next minute, we're scrambling for ideas that will help us make sure that Mom knows just how much we love and appreciate her. Sometimes, the perfect present is a particular product that she's had her eye on; sometimes, it's a thoughtful gesture; sometimes, it's an experience that will last her a lifetime. Here are our top five last-minute ideas for gifts that will make 2016 stand out as the best Mother's Day ever!

1.) A Refuse To Be A Victim Class
One surefire way to show Mom how much you love her is to ensure that she's safe. Since you can't always be there to protect her, why not enroll her in a class that will help her protect herself? If you click here, you can find Refuse To Be A Victim seminars taught by NRA-certified instructors in your area. RTBAV is a program that was initially created for women (now it includes everyone of all genders), and is taught by law enforcement officials, educational establishments and community centers. It teaches proactive tips and techniques to avoid becoming a victim, including cyber security, safety while traveling, home security, mental preparedness and criminal psychology 

2.) A Women's Wilderness Escape
Wouldn't Mom love a weekend with her girlfriends, learning about gun safety as well as enjoying outdoor activities like ziplining, canoeing and hiking? Then why not sign her up for a Women's Wilderness Escape? “The NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape,” explains their official Facebook page, “provides women with a getaway opportunity to experience the softer side of firearm education.” Boiled down, it’s essentially a way to learn about guns and the outdoors in the company of other women (18 and up) in a judgment-free environment. There are three different Escapes being held in different places around the country this year, including Pennsylvania, New Mexico and New Hampshire, and each of them offers a different experience. The fees are all-inclusive, including lodging, food, instruction, firearms and gear...and attendees are encouraged to sign up as groups. Learn more about what the Escapes offer and register here! 

3.) A Day at the Range
If a weekend away isn't necessarily in the family budget right now, there are still plenty of ways to ensure that Mom has a wonderful time with you. Why not treat her to a day at the range? Start by searching here for public shooting ranges near you. Give them a call to book range time, if they require that, and to ensure that you know in advance what any fees may be. Then put together a range bag, complete with eye and ear protection, hand wipes, snacks, spare magazines and ammunition so Mom won't have to worry about or pack a thing. For a bonus, pre-load your magazines so Mom won't have to risk her manicure!

4.) Breakfast In Bed...With a Wild Twist
O.K., O.K., it's an old chestnut: breakfast in bed for Mom. But what if you didn't just fry up some pancakes? What if you got deep into the freezerand into your own creativityand dreamed up something really fancy and gourmet to do with the wild game you harvested together this past season? What about candied bear blackstrap, pheasant stew or venison cornbread cake? Our friends at American Hunter are ready to help out: They regularly feature delicious, tried-and-tested wild-game recipes good for kitchen novices as well as experts. Just click here to get started for free!  

5.) I've Just Got to Have Something to Wrap!
If you just don't feel like it's a proper Mother's Day unless you've got something gift-wrapped for her, well, you're not alone. But you don't have to rush out to the nearest mall and fight the crowds just for a chance to grab a bottle of overpriced perfume! Instead, you can shop for the perfect gift for your NRA Mom by visiting the NRA Store. They've got plenty of wonderful stuff in stock, from pretty t-shirts, to concealed-carry holsters and jackets, to holster purses. (One of our favorites, the NRA CCW Crossbody Hobo bag, is pictured below.) And if you're shopping last-minute, the store offers two-day and one-day expedited shipping!

Happy Mother's Day from all your friends at the NRA!


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