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SW 10Mm M And P June 24

Video Review: Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm M2.0 Pistol

The 10mm chambering is an oft-overlooked defensive powerhouse, perfected in the latest iteration of S&W's venerable M&P line.

Shooting Sports 101: What is NRL22?

Making a family-friendly competitive shooting sport even easier for NRA families to access!

D-Day's 80th Anniversary: NRA's Tribute to the Men & Guns of Omaha Beach

June 6, 1944: American forces assault the German's fortified defenses on the Normandy coastline.

Big-Game Hunting with Suppressors Boosts Safety, Ethics

Here's why topping your big-game rifle with a Silencer Central suppressor makes sense (and preserves your senses).

Video Review: Ruger Super Wrangler Single-Action Revolver

When our reviewers call down for more ammo, please, and don't want to leave the range ...

Throwback Thursday: Jacob's Double Rifle

Victorian England brought us more than fog and detective mysteries ... for example, this innovative and unusual gun.

Video Review: Springfield Hellcat Pro Pistol

If you liked the original Hellcat but wished it had a little more Hellcat to it, you'll love the Hellcat Pro!

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Elk Curry & Toasted Coconut

Rich spices, smooth coconut and a little bite of fire at the finish ... the last step is to say "yum"!

NRA Guide: How to Use Your Gun's Sights

Using your gun's sights properly is a little bit counterintuitive. We explain the basics here.

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Mushroom Stuffed Flounder & Elderberry Sauce

This one goes out to all the foragers and fishers with a "yum"!

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