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Wild Turkey Color Variations

NWTF: Wild Turkeys Come in Weird Colors

You know that turkey-feather colors vary by species and area, but did you know about the rare color variants?

Video Review: CZ-USA's Shadow 2 Compact Pistol

The hotly anticipated, match-ready concealed carry gun is here!

Great American Outdoor Show 2024: Families, Fun, Firearms ... and the Forty-Fifth President, Donald Trump!

“Today, not only does Harrisburg host the largest outdoor show in the world, it hosts the best."

New for 2024: Browning's A5 Hunter 20-Gauge Shotgun

This long-awaited lightweight inertia gun offers classic lines and modern performance.

New for 2024: Winchester's 400 Legend Power Point & Super Suppressed Ammo

It's a hard-hitting straight-wall cartridge, now available in Deer Season and Super Suppressed.

New for 2024: Marlin 1895 Dark Lever Gun in .45-70

Tactical lever guns are all the rage this year, but Marlin's the innovator that started it all ... and the latest innovation is here!

New for 2024: Bond Arms Cyclops Thumper Derringer

This is one cyclops that no bad guy wants to look in its single massive "eye" ...

New for 2024: Stoeger STR-9 Combat X Pistol

It's everything we love about an STR-9 ... only more so!

New for 2024: Savage 110 Ultralite Elite Bolt-Action Rifle

Who knew that an object weighing only 5 lbs. could make such a huge splash? (You did, that's who.)

New for 2024: Browning SUB22 Rimfire Ammo

Browning Ammunition's making a big noise with a quiet little round!

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