Youth Shooting Teams Get $200K Boost From MidwayUSA

posted on May 21, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may have shut down much of the country in April, but you wouldn't know that by the results of the MidwayUSA Foundation's April Donation Drive! Together with the Foundation's monthly matching funds, $238,063 is now headed to the competitive shooting teams for juniors that are shaping the next generation's love and respect for the shooting sports. What makes this particularly remarkable is that this is happening at a time when most youth shooting teams are still unable to gather to practice and compete due to social-distancing mandates, and despite the nation's economic woes.

MidwayUSA Foundation Executive Director G. Scott Reynolds highlighted the importance of their continued support for junior shooting teams, saying, "Today’s unfortunate circumstances make it even more important to offer programs that can make every donation dollar go further. It is critical to donors and to our shooting teams. We are happy to continue helping teams fund their shooting teams through unique fundraising events, like our Online Donation Drive, so they can be ready to return to the range.” And it's working: MidwayUSA Foundation’s two April programs, combined with generous donations, provided $438,063 to youth shooting teams.

In conjunction with the Foundation’s April Online Donation Drive, the available monthly matching funds were increased from $150,000 to $175,000. This allowed every dollar that came in for shooting teams, which totaled $238,063, to receive a $.7351 match. Additionally, every shooting team that received an online donation was entered in to a drawing for a chance to win one of five $5,000 endowment awards, for a total giveaway of $25,000.

The five winners of the Online Donation Drive, drawn at random, are:

  • North Scott Trap Club [IA]
  • Lincoln Heritage Pheasants Forever Young Guns [IL]
  • Genesee Shooters [MI]
  • Heathwood Hall Highlanders [SC]
  • Orange Crushers [SD]

Would you like to get involved, either as a contributor to The MidwayUSA Foundation's efforts or as a recipient? The next Online Donation Drive will take place in September. Additionally, team leaders can check out the Calendar on the Foundation’s website for other fundraising events and opportunities. Every youth shooting team that has an endowment at the MidwayUSA Foundation has a team page on the MidwayUSA Foundation website. Team pages not only provide team and funding details, but donors can make donations to their favorite team right through this pageOver 2,800 youth shooting teams across the nation have a funded endowment and this online donation capability. 100% of the donation, as well as the match, benefits the team. The Foundation removes nothing for operations.


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