Whitetails Unlimited, Shed Antlers & Catch-A-Dream Foundation: $53K for Sick Children

The brainchild of outdoor entertainment powerhouse Drury Outdoors, the Dream Sheds program's "tine" has come.

posted on August 9, 2023
Catch A Dream Foundation
Image courtesy facebook.com/CatchADreamFoundation

Did you know that there's a charitable organization dedicated to providing once-in-a-lifetime dream hunting and fishing trips to children across who suffer from life-threatening illnesses? It's called the Catch-A-Dream Foundation, and it offers hope and joy to young people who need encouragement in their fight for health. Catch-A-Dream recently received a big boost courtesy of Whitetails Unlimited and Drury Outdoors ... and it all started with some bits of discarded bone.

Of course, the "discarded bone" refers to the shed antlers of the various species of deer that make North America their home. Every year, the bucks of these species shed their antlers naturally after the breeding season is over. The deer may not need them anymore, but humans love them: Shed hunting, as it's called, is actually big business! Sheds are valuable for crafts, furniture, decor ... you name it, people will pay big bucks (pun intended) for it. And who has more sheds at their disposal than Mark and Terry Drury?

If you don't know about Drury Outdoors, it's an outfit that produces hunting entertainment and has done for the past 30 years. It's headed by Mark and Terry Drury, who approached Whitetails Unlimited--a conservation organization--with an innovative idea. The Drurys had collected a large number of exceptional shed antlers from their properties in Iowa and Missouri and were willing to donate them to use as a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Working with Whitetails Unlimited, the Catch-A-Dream Foundation was identified, and the program came together. It's called Dream Sheds, and as of now, they're on the second half of Dream Sheds V. Yes, V, as in the fifth time!

That brings this year’s program total to over $110,000. Since the inception of Dream Sheds in 2012, Whitetails Unlimited has provided grants totaling just shy of $700,000 to the Catch-A-Dream Foundation. For more information about the Catch-A-Dream Foundation, visit catchadream.org.



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