Welcoming NRAWomen.com to the NRA Family

posted on April 30, 2020
We here at NRA Publications are thrilled to welcome the latest member of the NRA family of publications: NRA Women! This new website, launched earlier this month, has been the culmination of a labor of love that's stretched for the better part of a year...and we couldn't be happier to announce that we're going to be covering everything the NRA Woman needs (and wants) to know as she blazes her own path forward as a self-defender, a huntress, a casual plinker or in light of whatever the Second Amendment means to her as an individual. 

As the executive editor of NRA Family, I am joining editor in chief Ann Smith and assistant editor Ashley Thess in bringing you the very best in breaking news, Second Amendment issues, armed self-defense, guns and gear created just for women and so much more. Fear not; NRA Family will continue to bring you daily updates with all of the best family-focused news, views, tips and gear--just as we have done for the last six years. 

NRA Women is a web-based publication by women and for women; it's updated every day with a rich variety of articles from women who are industry leaders, firearms instructors, self-defenders, hunters, skilled outdoorswomen and more. Completely free of charge and not limited to NRA members, NRA Women presents the unique female point of view and addresses our unique interests.

Says Smith in her welcome letter, "We are extremely disappointed we were not able to announce this new digital initiative in grand fashion in Nashville, but are humbled and grateful that we are able to launch at all. Its long-term mission remains: to give voice to female Second Amendment advocates across the country and to be the definitive resource for news, education, events and more. Pandemic or not, this is happening. Because freedom is not something we just talk about. It’s something we do."

By way of further introduction, I'd like to welcome you to check out some of the fun and informative articles and videos that the woman in your NRA family might enjoy reading and watching. How about this terrific video from NRA Board Member and Gunsite instructor Il Ling New, about how to maintain distance from a threat? Or this piece about some of the so-called "self-defense" tools marketed to women that are really anything but useful? Or, if you're looking for a none-too-serious laugh, how about this article courtesy of Yours Truly about how we women are better turkey hunters than men? 

I hope you add NRAWomen.com to your bookmarks and daily-read lists...and that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it for you!


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