Video Review: Rossi RM66 Revolver

Chambered in .357 Mag., this jumbo revolver was created for hunters and target shooters alike.

posted on December 7, 2023

Rossi may hail from Brazil, but the company seems to understand what Americans want in a wheelgun: power, reliability and as little recoil as possible, please. The RM66 revolver represents a wheelgun that's perfected not for concealed carry, but for hunting, home defense and target shooting. To be sure, it would be theoretically possible to conceal the RM66 ... but with a total weight of just shy of 2 lbs. and a total length of nearly 11", most shooters will elect to leave it as a theory.

That weight and heft, however, make the RM66 far more comfortable to shoot than a .357 Magnum has any right to be. That beefy caliber, while terrific for hunting and home defense, tends to offer fairly sharp recoil, especially in a revolver. However, the RM66's solid frame absorbs much of the force, reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise. Our American Rifleman testers noted this was "one of the easiest-shooting magnums we’ve had on the range in a while." 

With a six-round capacity, the RM66 is built with a single-action, double-action operating system, providing a wide, generously textured hammer spur that’s easily reached for single-action operation. On our test revolver, the double-action trigger pull measured in at just under 11 lbs., and thumbing the hammer back into single-action reduced the pull weight to just under 4 lbs.

Find out more about this NRA Gun of the Week in this great video courtesy of our friends at American Rifleman! MSRP $620;


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