Video Review: Kimber 84M Pro Desolve Blak

Not only is this rifle spelled correctly, it also spells success in the fields, mountains and valleys.

posted on August 25, 2022

Yes, the Kimber 84M Pro Desolve Blak is spelled correctly, despite what our word-processing programs say to the contrary. It also spells success in the field, as this video review from our friends at American Rifleman shows. Kimber made its name with its top-quality rifles, and the 84M Pro Desolve Blak is a sterling (or, more appropriately, a stainless-steel) example of same.

This hand-finished tackdriver wears Pro Desolve camouflage, and it wears it well ... this is one skinny rifle at just 5 lbs, 9 ozs. unloaded. That remarkable lightness makes the life of a still-hunter much easier, given that all rifles gain weight by a factor of 10 for each mile you trek. (Okay, no they don't, but it sure feels that way.) 

Chambered in several popular long-range-perfected calibers like 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester, the rifle compensates for the hefty recoil with an included muzzle brake that, while loud, absolutely increases comfort and manageability. "All told," reports American Rifleman, "the Kimber America 84M Hunter Pro Desolve Blak has proven to be a perfectly capable hunting rifle for North American game that won't beat you up on the shooting bench or mountain trek." Check out this terrific video for more information on why the Kimber 84M Pro Desolve Blak is the NRA Gun of the Week!  


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