The Ultimate FN Experience and the Ultimate FN Gear

posted on October 5, 2015
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What’s the Ultimate FN Experience? Glad you asked. It’s a $5,000 FN gun package and a three day trip, for the winner and one friend, to Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona. Day one at Gunsite gives the winner and their guest the opportunity to shoot the fully-automatic M249 SAW, FN Scar 17 and FN P90. Day two will be put their shooting skills to the test in a Bug-Out class, a steel challenge course and to see how long they can last combating a horde of zombies. Finally, the three day trip-of-a-lifetime ends with long-range precision shooting at 1,000 yards and a visit to the shotgun range to test out the FN SLP Tactical.

There’s two ways to enter the sweepstakes, and no purchase is necessary. Customers that buy an eligible FNS or FNX model can submit a proof of purchase online and follow the instructions to complete the official entry form, or sweepstake-winning hopefuls can mail in a card to be placed in the FN Ultimate Experience lottery. More information on forms of entry can be found here.

The FN Ultimate Sweepstakes is going on now through December 31st, 2015. Be sure to enter and cross your fingers hard because winning this sweepstakes would be, well, the ultimate win!

For the Gear up for Fall promotion, FNH USA is offering the chance to reward their customers with the latest gear for a variety of firearms. Between now and December 31st, 2015 (I think they like those dates) customers who purchase an FNS or FNX pistols are eligible to receive an FNH USA-banded Vertx EDC Transit sling, those who buy an FN SCAR 17S are qualified to receive a Geissele Super SCAR, and a purchase of an FN PS90 bullpup carbine gives those who bought it a chance to win two 30-round and three 50-round magazines. I’m sure your interests are peaked, so please visit FNH USA for more information. Best of luck!

Image courtesy of FNH USA. 


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