Springfield FIRSTLINE Program: Supporting America's Heroes

This discount program for those who serve offers big savings and a streamlined process ... and you might qualify!

posted on May 2, 2022
Sa Firstline Lede

There are many programs out there that offer discounts on firearms to our nation's armed forces and first responders, but some of them seem more complicated than is, strictly speaking, necessary. Springfield Armory is changing all of that with its new FIRSTLINE program, which not only applies to far more of our nation's heroes than most discount programs, but also makes getting that discount simple and hassle-free. The list of discounted Springfield guns—and the list of professionals who qualify—is enough to make you proud.

Unlike other comparable programs, FIRSTLINE doesn't require that you deal with a post-purchase rebate process involving snail mail and providing your purchase information. Qualified users can simply visit one of nearly 200 authorized dealer locations nationwide and purchase the firearm of their choice at their discount. As for who qualifies? Here's the list:

  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (active and retired)
  • EMTs, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters and Paramedics
  • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard (active and retired)
  • Honorably Discharged Veterans
  • Corrections Officers, Parole and Probation Officers
  • State Licensed Armed Security Officers employed by State-Licensed Companies
  • Commercial Pilots and Federal Flight Deck Officers
  • Court Judges and Prosecutors
  • LE Academy Cadets

The list of FIRSTLINE firearms on offer at a discount is also generous, and includes many of Springfield's hottest new releases as well as its well-loved favorites. There are 38 specific models and variants; all pistols offered in the line come with three magazines. The products offered in the FIRSTLINE program come from the Hellcat, 1911, XD, SAINT, Hellion and M1A families of firearms.

“Springfield Armory is extremely proud to be able to offer this program to America’s first responders,” says Phil Rawlings, Vice President of Sales and LE for Springfield Armory. “We recognize the sacrifices these individuals make every day for all of us, and we want to do our part to help protect and support them.”

Want to know more about the program? Click here!







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