Reviewed: White Flyer Biodegradable 110mm Orange Crusher Target

posted on December 17, 2018

Since 1979, White Flyer Targets have dominated the clay target industry. Their diverse product line offers 50 different targets between their Biodegradable and Pitch selections. White Flyer targets will meet the needs of any recreational or competitive shooter. Within their extensive lineup of targets, White Flyer recently introduced a great new way to increase the excitement of an afternoon at the range with your friends or family, the Biodegradable 110mm “Orange Crusher” target.

My name is Nic Moschetti and I’m a competitive shotgun shooter.  I’m a proud member of the USA Shooting team and have had the privilege of representing the United States of America internationally at ISSF World Cups and World Championships. I currently live and train at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I’m pursuing my Olympic dream every day. Recently, I was given the opportunity to shoot some of White Flyer’s newly re-designed “Orange Crusher” targets, and boy did I enjoy them!

The new White Flyer “Orange Crusher” clay target utilizes a friction-fit plastic insert in the bottom of the target to house a small amount of vibrantly orange, non-toxic powder. When the target is broken, the powder forms a small orange cloud in the sky, giving the impression you truly made the target explode. The incorporation of the friction-fit plastic piece into the new design is a huge improvement over the first design, which utilized a sticker to house the powder in the top of the target. Thanks to the new design, the targets will no longer leak powder while launched from the machine, increasing the size of the “cloud” when the target is broken and eliminating the potential mess of spilled powder. This design improvement also increases the shelf life of the targets. Previously, the adhesive that attached the sticker to the dome of the target would dry out over time and eventually lose its adhesive qualities causing the sticker to fall off while the target flew through the air. Now, with the friction-fit plastic insert, the length of time that the target has been stored will not affect the performance of the target.  

White Flyer is a proud sponsor of USA Shooting and throughout the multitude of competitions that USA Shooting hosts annually, they proudly throw White Flyer targets. The “Orange Crusher” targets are utilized in the match finals in order to improve the ease with which broken targets are identified, both in person as well as on television. These improved targets were most recently thrown in the ISSF World Cup held in Guadalajara, Mexico. You can watch the targets in action by clicking here.   

Unfortunately, these targets are not sold in stores, but they can be ordered directly from a registered White Flyer distributor. As someone who has been able to shoot more than my fair share of these targets, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for some extra excitement on the range. I guarantee that you will enjoy the experience of a premium quality target each and every time you shoot at White Flyer targets.

For more information about the “Orange Crusher,” as well as all of the other targets that White Flyer produces, please click here.


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