Reviewed: Gamo Swarm Fusion .22 10x Gen 2

Fun, safe, simple to manipulate and inexpensive to shoot all day ... What's not to love?

posted on April 11, 2022
 Gamo Swarm Fusion .22 10x Gen 2 being shot from benchrest

Whether it be for hunting wild game, plinking cans off a fence post or doing a bit of pest control around the farm, air rifles have come a long way over the years. While there are options on the market fully capable of taking down an assortment of large game, there is nothing more fun than getting a group of buddies together for a woodland adventure hunting squirrel. The go-to gun for many, which just so happens to be the gun featured in this year's Squirrel Master Classic, is the Gamo Swarm Fusion .22 10x Gen 2. Capable of launching .22-caliber pellets 1,000 feet per second (fps), this rifle is a force to be reckoned with in the world of small game hunting … or knocking cans off of that fence post in your backyard!

When you first unbox your Gamo rifle, inside you will see an assortment of items. Aside from the gun itself, you will also find a 10-round magazine, a rifle sling to assist in carrying while on your hunt or to your shooting bench, as well as an optic—which is already sitting inside a set of rings ready to be mounted atop the gun. The included optic is a Gamo 3-9x40 riflescope, which is designed to be both fog-proof as well as shock-proof. Should you wish to forgo the optic and hunt with iron sights, the included fiber-optic sights are fully adjustable, just like any other gun you may have previously shot.

The Swarm Fusion 10x Gen 2 was made for rotten-weather hunting conditions. The checkering on the forend and grip of the Gamo Swarm Fusion aid in keeping a secure grip on the rifle as you navigate the terrain. Another plus is the stock, made from a durable nylon material that will hold up to the elements. That fine morning mist condensing on your rifle won’t make you cringe the way you do with a high-end wood-stocked shooter. The stock also features a rubberized recoil pad, which further minimizes the already nearly imperceptible recoil produced with each shot. The 20.5-inch fluted barrel with patented Whisper Fusion technology keeps each shot nice and quiet, so you do not need to worry about scaring away any nearby critters. Weighing in at approximately 5.78 pounds, it’s light and nimble enough to carry through tough terrain.

Loading and firing the Gamo Swarm Fusion Gen 2 is simple as can be. What is nice with this rifle versus others on the market is that it uses a magazine that holds 10 pellets. The magazine itself will count down with each shot, so you are not left guessing how many rounds are left before you need to swap in a fresh magazine. Additional magazines can be purchased separately, which I personally recommend because it is quite handy to prepare your magazines ahead of time before starting your hunt (or plinking session). This way, you spend more time shooting and less downtime stopping to put more pellets in your magazine.

Once your magazine is inserted, it is time to prepare for your first shot. Simply cock the gun all the way open, snap it shut, and you are good to go! It is during this motion that the internal piston of the air rifle is compressed, and a round is fed from the magazine into the chamber of the air rifle. Per Gamo, it is estimated that the cocking effort involved in readying your gun for each shot is approximately 30 pounds. That’s easily manageable, even for some of the youngest sportsmen and sportswomen.

This rifle is equipped with a manual safety, easily flipped off when your sights are on target. Once your safety is off you are set to squeeze the two-stage adjustable trigger, which can be adjusted anywhere from 3.2 pounds down to a light and crisp 2.6 pounds. Once the trigger is squeezed, the piston is released, which creates a forceful blast of air behind the chambered pellet, thus sending it hurtling towards the intended target at the aforementioned 1,000 fps.

Perhaps you may not want to take your rifle out hunting, but instead, simply want to sit back and enjoy a nice afternoon plinking session. Gamo has you covered with not only an assortment of .22-caliber pellets with each having its own distinct features and purposes, but also a wide array of targets for you to enjoy. Ranging from simple paper targets to a variety of reactive steel targets specially designed for air rifles, there is certainly something for every member of your family or friend group. The Gamo Swarm Fusion 10x Gen 2 air rifle is an all-around blast to handle—although the sound itself is little more than a pop—and is sure to bring many a happy memory to you, your friends and your family. Grab yours today and head outside for some fun in the sun! MSRP $293;


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