NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador Lydia Paterson Reviews: Gator Skins

posted on September 29, 2017

My name is Lydia Paterson and I have been a competitive marksman for most of my life. I am a 2016 Olympian in the 10m Women’s Air Pistol event and now shoot action pistol events locally. As I transitioned from indoor shooting to outdoors in the variable Kansas weather, I struggled maintaining shooting focus while battling blistering winds and cold weather during the beginning of shooting season. After discovering the Gator Skins product at the Great American Outdoor Show, I had the opportunity to test the women’s thermal zippered shirt.

I tested the clothing in many different situations and I must say that this product is awesome! I first tested the thermal wear by training outdoors during a light snowstorm. I was initially nervous shooting in the dead of winter wearing just the Gator Skins product with a cotton t-shirt underneath for comfort. To my surprise, this product kept me warm while allowing me to perform at the top of my skills! The flexibility of the garment is outstanding! I could easily manipulate around obstacles while maintaining proper shooting positions. This gave me a competitive edge over fellow athletes wearing traditional bulky winterwear.

After being pleasantly impressed with the shooting application of this product, I decided to try the product while doing outdoor farming work. I was running heavy machinery moving large rocks around the farm on a cold windy day. I was able to stay incredibly warm while easily getting in and out of the machinery because of the light weight nature of the Gator Skins shirt. The garment also allowed me to work more efficiently because I was not constantly fighting with multiple thick layers of clothing. During this test, the Gator Skins shirt became incredibly dirty from the outdoor work. I simply washed the garment normally with warm water. After coming out of the washer, I hung the shirt to air dry. After washing, this shirt came out looking brand new! No stains were to be found and the harsh farm work did not damage the shirt at all!

Overall, I would highly recommend this product! This thin thermal garment will replace the majority of your bulky winterwear! This shirt is great for marksmen shooting outdoors! The wind blocking technology of Gator Skins is truly effective at keeping the wearer warm in varying weather conditions! I would also rank this shirt a 10 out of 10 on durability. After wearing the shirt many times in all different situations, it comes out of the wash looking brand new every time! Order your Gator Skins today from their website! You won’t be disappointed!



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