New for 2024: Stealth Cam Revolver Cellular Trail Camera

Coming "full circle" for a "revolution" in trail cams for 2024, we're excited to give this trail cam a "spin"!

posted on January 11, 2024
Revolver Trail Cam Lede

Sam Colt may have invented the revolver, but Stealth Cam has just applied the concept to its all-new Revolver trail camera for 2024! The company is billing it as a revolution (so to speak) in trail cams, with a 360-degree cellular model capable of covering six zones for a complete panorama of its surroundings. Users can go "full circle" for day and night visibility and never miss a thing—even deer passing behind where the lens is positioned. In other words, you can now enjoy the equivalent of six cameras' worth of coverage in a single device.

Thanks to a silent pivoting motor, the Revolver offers the option to get more than just one photo from a single vantage when a zone is triggered. The camera responds quickly to movement, situating its lens in the correct zone to deliver high-quality images and videos in real time, making it ideal for use on food plots. In fact, based on use case, outdoorsmen can choose from three photo operation settings, including:

  • Single-zone capture, which takes a single photo or video of only the triggered zone, like most traditional trail cameras.
  • 180-zone capture, which takes three photos of three different zones: one of the zone to the left of the triggered zone, one of the triggered zone itself and one of the zone to the right of the triggered zone.
  • 360-zone capture, which takes a photo of all six zones, in order via a clockwise rotation, starting with the designated “zone one.” Thus, users will receive six images of the entire area surrounding the triggered zone, the equivalent of a panoramic photograph.

When these first-to-market features pair with the Revolver’s integration with Command Pro app functionality, users enjoy a truly immersive experience that leaves them feeling like they’re in the field even when they couldn’t be farther from it. Stealth Cam’s Command Pro app is available for download via any app-enabled device through the App Store or Google Play.

Beyond its primary features, the Revolver 360-Degree Cellular Trail Camera also delivers a variety of additional capabilities that help outdoor enthusiasts make the most of unobstructed views. It offers your choice of 4MP/8MP/16MP/36MP photos, four power LEDs, and 1080 HD video with audio. It has 360, 180 and single-photo capture modes, with a three-image burst mode. It can even do time-lapse!

The Revolver uses the Command PRO app for on-demand imaging, zone selecting and choosing between photo capture modes. The user can name each camera zone, which is easy when the camera's built-in GPS shares its coordinates. It uses a 16pc dual-cartridge battery and a 12V DC auxiliary jack. The Revolver is expected to hit the market Spring '24 with prices starting at $199.




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