New for 2024: Remington Premier CuT Ammunition Line

Hey CuTie! Featuring a monolithic copper-alloy bullet, Big Green's latest will be available in nine popular hunting calibers.

posted on January 22, 2024
Remington Cut Lede

Hey CuTie! Although Remington's latest innovation in hunting ammunition is called Premier CuT, the name isn't derived from its attractiveness (although we must say that as ammunition goes, these are handsome rounds). It comes from the symbol for elemental copper, Cu. It also references the ease with which this tipped copper ammunition hopes to set a new standard in lead-free hunting in 2024

Premier CuT features a monolithic copper alloy bullet that maximizes aerodynamic efficiency and weight retention, ensuring optimal penetration and delivering outstanding results. With its precision tip, Premier CuT boasts a high ballistic coefficient and flat trajectories, with instant expansion and energy transfer upon impact.

Premier CuT’s tough copper alloy bullet effortlessly cuts through medium to large game while retaining an impressive 95% of its weight. The precision grooves on the bullet further enhance its aerodynamic performance, ensuring consistent and reliable results in the field. Premier CuT is loaded with Remington's premier components, including top-notch brass and propellants, guaranteeing consistent reliability with every shot.

"Our goal with Premier CuT was to create a game-changing ammunition that would provide hunters with the next level of precision and effectiveness," said Remington Centerfire Product Director Kris Carson. "We are confident that Premier CuT will exceed their expectations and become their go-to choice for big game hunting."

Remington will load Premier CuT in a full line up of popular centerfire rifle hunting cartridges including 6.5 PRC, 7 PRC and 300 PRC.; MSRPs as below.

SKU / Description / MSRP

R22334 / 6.5 Creedmoor / $54.99

R22335 / 6.5 PRC / $82.99

R22337 / 270 Win / $60.99

R22339 / 7mm-08 Rem / $58.99

R22341/ 7mm Rem Mag / $69.99

R22342 / 7mm PRC / $88.99

R22343 / 30-06 Sprg / $60.99

R22344 / 308 Win / $58.99

R22345 / 300 Win Mag / $70.99



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