New for 2024: EAA/Girsan Untouchable & Influencer 1911s

Whether you're untouchable in competition or an influencer on the range, EAA's new offerings are sure to delight.

posted on January 9, 2024
Eaa Influencer

EAA’s new line of firearms is set to disrupt and influence the 1911 field in 2024 with a series of pistols that bring a unique blend of features, quality and affordability. The company calls these pistols the MC1911 Influencer and MC1911 Untouchable. 

First up is the MC1911 Untouchable, and what's remarkable about it is that this is a full-featured 1911 that costs about the same as the bare-bones models offered by other manufacturers. The Untouchable line of handguns comes standard with ambidextrous safety, extended beavertail, accessory rail, long hole hammer, three configurations, multiple finishes and multiple calibers ... for an MSRP that had us double-checking the announcement: $410-$449 depending upon model chosen. 

The MC1911 Influencer represents the pinnacle of the 1911, boasting optic compatibility (RMS/RMSc), an accessory rail, extended beavertail, ambidextrous safety and magazine well. It boasts a variety of sizes, calibers and finishes, as well as a trigger pull that you would find on guns costing three times as much. This is not your grandfather's 1911 ... but we bet he'd have loved it. Once again, this is an MSRP that's well below industry standard for guns of this quality: $622-$725. For more information, or to find a dealer, visit



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