Launching 2023: KelTec R50 Rifle

Because KelTec doesn't just think outside the box ... they deny that there's a box at all.

posted on February 15, 2023

"Because KelTec doesn't just think outside the box ... they deny that there's a box at all," says Shooting Illustrated's Kevin Creighton, and those words are proven definitively with the new-for-2023 KelTec R50. At the very least, KelTec is thinking outside the ammunition box with this rifle, because you probably will need at least two of them to fill its 50-round magazine. This rifle is the long-gun version of the KelTec P50, the 50-round pistol that recently won American Rifleman's Tactical Product of the Year Golden Bullseye award

Chambered in 5.7X28mm, this carbine features a side-folding stock that rests nicely on either side of the grip when folded and a ½ x 28 threaded - 16" barrel. It does come with some utility sights that are adjustable for windage and elevation, however the R50 receiver offers over 7" of Picatinny rail space up top for mounting just about any optic or accessory you like. Two inches of rail space on the bottom is ideal for light and grip options. There’s a QD sling cup just above the magazine release for mounting a single point sling and the AR style charging handle offers smooth manipulation. The MSRP is a cool $815; for more information, visit


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